Thursday, July 7, 2011

The one where Grammy came to visit.

First things first, my friend, Amber---of 17 years!! we met in the 3rd grade!, is totes awes and introduced me to, quite possibly, my favorite visual aide: finger guns. Ya know how, sometimes, I get all excited-like and I do :::running man::: or :::the macarena::: etc?! Well, expect a whole lot of


Well, my madre came out ::finger guns:: and Jake could not have been more excited! This pic below is him watching her blow dry her hair! He was obsessed with her! One day, post nap, he woke up and immediately ran over to the bathroom and, when he didn't find her, continued to search the house for her until he found her (she Where's-Waldoed herself into the couch I guess ;-D). He was so happy when he did!

But, this visit was so much fun! It was great having my madre here and even better seeing her and Jake together. So sweet :-) She'd get Jake in the morning, if she heard him before we did, and make him breakfast, get his diapers going.....she took care of us! Jake definitely knows good people :-)

It uber worked out for us because not only did hubbaroonie and myself get to have an entire day of just US time, we got to go to our unit's ball while leaving Jake in completely trustworthy and capable hands.

The ball was sooo much fun! It was great to get my 'do did, wear one of my favorite formal dresses EVAH, and have a fancy-shmancy night out with my better half. I can't even describe how grateful I am for that amazing evening!

sorry, taken from my phone

Doesn't my hair/neck ratio make me look like a piece of broccoli?! No worries, it was only in this pic, swear :-D

The back of this dress was my FAVORITE part!


And, yep, hubby's eyes are looking exactly where you think they are.

I got this dress on for a GREAT price! The quality was amazing and it came super fast! If the opportunity arises, I'll order from them again! It was a relief to know that on the one fancy night we've had in a while, the odds of someone having the same dress was slim to none!

The very next day, Grammy was able to keep Jake all to herself and give us a total day off! It was AMAZING! I did miss the short one, but it was so nice to date my hubby again :-) We saw Bad Teacher, ate a ridiculous amount of movie popcorn, ate at a local Japanese steakhouse (Yamato was soooo good!), and then stopped for some dessert at Applebee's. Such a great, carefree day! I'm pretty fond of my giant.

We were VERY happy to have the opportunity to hang out as a twosome :-D

Once we got back to Grammy and the boy, we made sure to have some splash park time---so Grammy could see the boy in his element! The boy has really grown to love the water. All the other parents kept pointing him out as the example for having no fear!

It was such a great week with my mama! We were sad to see her go, but can't wait 'til she comes back out! We all miss you, love you, and are so grateful for everything you did/do for us!


:::finger guns:::

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Erin said...

OMG I loveeee your dress! You both look awesome!!