Friday, July 8, 2011

Our 4th of July

From a personal standpoint, my 4th was all full of rainbows, puppies, and unicorn farts (you need to know, Gary just asked what, exactly, a unicorn farts? Glitter. Obviously) because my husband was here! That's what really makes any holiday these days; when the three of us get to celebrate, as little or as big as we want, together. So very pulled into Elation-Station. Fo shizz.

We headed to the carnival on post for some music and fireworks, but no funnel cake! Why?! Because I make it at home! Suck on that, $5 per plate carnie food! Digression over. Not suprisingly, we didn't make it to the fireworks. Those turds didn't even start going off until 9:45 and, for those that know Jake, once the clock strikes bedtime [7:30] homeboy's done. But, we thought we'd get wild and give it a go anywho...

We strolled (STROLLER HUMOR!) up around 7pm, pick out our spot, lay out our blanket, and reach under the sunshade of the stroller to get Jake out....he's asleep. Should I have mentioned that he didn't nap that day? Probably because he got up at 10:15. But, whatev.

We don't mess with bedtime often, but we decided to see how things panned out. And this is how it went down...

Members of the Army's Jump Team

After we staked out our spot, Gary took Jake for a walk around our little 'hood. My heart goes all loco looking at my boys <3

OK, so here Jake's being all very Field-of-Dreamsy....After his short walks with his Pops, he did not even let one toe off the Spongebob perimeter. Maybe he's playing that game where the ground is lava?!

This was the only night shot I got! It got to be 9pm (we hoped they might have started the fireworks around 8:30) and we just couldn't make the boy wait any longer. Gary was told they wouldn't be starting for another 30-45 minutes, so we just had to tap. We made the best of it though; opened up our backdoor vertical blinds and watched the show in the dark of our living room, from the comfort of our own couch. We've definitely had worse nights <3

Hope you had an amazing weekend!

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Mama Hen said...

Wonderful pictures from a great day! I am so happy that you were all together and that "unicorn farts" were everywhere! :) I have not heard that one before, but I can see why you were so happy. Have a great day my friend!

Mama Hen