Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Doin' work.

When Gary was deployed, we got a fair amount of snow. I know it wasn't anything to write home about, but it was fairly steady and Gary's car took the brunt of it.

I didn't drive his car often. At all. I mean, the car seat is in our SUV/truck...whatever it is, we still haven't decided...so, that's what I stuck with. But, that came back to bite me in the tailfeather because I went out to start it one day and it wouldn't. I had no idea what to do. And, to make things super fun, it was one of those days where I just felt it; I felt that I was away from our native California; I felt that I couldn't just call up one of the many brothers with which my madre supplied me to come help a sister out. Deployment can be very disconcerting.

So, while Jake napped, I was out in our driveway tearing up in the driver's seat of the little engine that wouldn't. I willed the car just to start. Shockingly, that didn't work so I did one of my mental rundowns:

*battery's relatively new
*has had proper maintenance
*had gas
*is obviously an evildoer who is trying to rattle my world.

Now, these days? They didn't happen often. Looking back, I grew and conquered so much while Gary was gone that I wish I would have stopped and taken the time to pat myself on the back. Instead, I did what I had to do because it's what I had to do--I'm a mama, there need not be an award for keeping down the homefront while hubster's away. In retrospect, God FORBID we have a fourth deployment, I'm going to give myself proper acknowledgement. Then, maybe, those few and far between days wouldn't seem to last as long.

I'm not one to throw up my hands in defeat. I'm self-reliant. I'm intelligent. I'm not one to pout, or throw pity parties. I'm all empowered and shit. But, that doesn't mean things don't catch you on the wrong end sometimes.

By the grace of God, I get in touch with the nicest mechanic on the planet, same day. Let me say that again, THEEE nicest mechanic on the planet. Seriously. He came out, got the engine to start, told me a few things that may be an issue, and gave me his cell number should any of his hints go awry. I could not have been more grateful.

So, he told me to head to a parts place in town because they'll test certain aspects of the engine at no cost. We headed right over after nap.

I go inside and tell them that Joe Awesomeface sent me and was immediately helped. However, hope was soon lost when, while administering the engine tests, everything came back fine. I wanted to cry--again. Why, if nothing is wrong, won't this thing just start?! But, then again, I was freakin' grateful the diagnosis wasn't like, "Oh, it's because you're engine's in upside down. Doiy" or "This car model only runs on gas found in the depths of the rain forest."

As I teetered back and forth between just wanting a resolution and thankful there were no serious mechanical appointments coming up in our near future, it happened.

As luck would have it, the guy had his cell phone in his pocket. His phone started ringing, loudly. The ringtone described what the rapper wanted to do to "dem bitches and hoes...".


I instantly smiled. How could that not make my day? How could that not break my day's tension?

So, I looked to Jake, who I had bundled up and on my hip, and knew that it'd be ok. It's ok that I was far away from Californ-i-a; it's ok that I didn't have a brother just down the street to come save the day....

I did, after all, have my bitches and hoes.

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