Friday, August 5, 2011

Food & Fashion Friday

Happy Friday, peeps!

I've been trying to remember to take pictures of crap I'm doing, ie wearing clothes and feeding the fam', so that I can continue to do these little posts (because they're just oodles of kick-off-yer-shoes fun!). Mmkay, that might have been a note of sarcasm, but I still like doing them! Plus, it gives me incentive to a) continue wearing clothes b) continue feeding the fam'.

In taking pictures over the past couple weeks, I've learned a few things:

1) I am obsessed with blue. Possibly obsessed and change it to fetish?
2) I spend much of the day cooking. Every day.
3) I have GOT to stop taking pictures before I clean the mirror. ::: V8 forehead smack :::

But, it's true. 9 times out of 10, I'm snapping a quick picture of myself, because G-unit's at work, right before we head out the door, thinking "Gah! That's so embarrassing; my lovingloyalfantastic readers are going to think I'm a hoarder, or something, with how dirty that mirror looks."

I swear, I keep a tidy house.

Onward and upward.

Wave hello to thee necklace, friends! This thing is faboosh. Undeniably. I love a tank in a bright, happy color such as this; it makes running errands with 327% humidity doable. Ok, never mind, nothing makes it doable. Is it hot as Hades where you are?!

I super, puffy heart the ruffles on this dress.

This time, we wave hello to the boy in my elbow pit because, well, he's supa cute and 2) the necklace took a day off. But, love this dress! I saw it, quite a few months ago, and refused to live without it. Love me a maxi dress.

It should be noted, Gary was off on Monday, so I ran over, sans child, to Victoria's Secret to use my soon-to-be-expiring coupons. Not only did I get a shexshay new bra (my apologies to my brothas, and any church elders, who may be reading this blog) and a new pair of undies for $38 (!!!!!!!), but the cashier was telling me how cute my dress was. Learn something from some personable customer service, Whole Foods.

Onto what everyone is, understandably, most interested in: FOOD!

These are from-scratch blueberry waffles. Here's the recipe I use. I had blueberries on my hands that I was fearing would soon try to jump ship so I made sure to use 'em up! I double the recipe, quarter the waffles, store them in the fridge in a pyrex (FAVE!) container, then just grab however many I want in the morning! It's especially convenient on days I don't feel like making breakfast. Jake gets his covered in homemade pear-sauce (applesauce, minus the apples, plus the pears. science).

Cheeseburger and fries casserole. Normally, I don't make meals like this. I don't prefer cooking with frozen foods, and this house never sees a french fry as part of my menu, but this one was too fun to pass up!

Jake was very excited about it :-)

Cheesy pork and potatoes. Lemme say up front, I have an issue with taking pictures of anything when it's finished, apparently. I'm all jazz-hands about getting pictures during the cooking/baking process then completely forget to follow-through once the food is being divvied up. Sincere apologies, lovahs.

Oh, right, the pic is of lightly sauteed, in butter and veggie oil, sliced potatoes and onion.

Covered with the cheese "sauce"

Topped with pork patties. The boys gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Blueberry breakfast cake.
We deal in blueberries, guys. Totes.

Blueberries are such an amazing fruit for a growing wee lad like J-Bone so I try to keep them in the house pretty consistently.

Covered in it's cinnamon topping. It was soo good! And, reasonably healthy, too! Not too much sugar, or butter. Holla!

For future reference, I do believe I'm going to start referring to this type of post as Triple F.

Guy Fieri, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, anyone?

Bueller? :-)


Erin said...

1) I LOVE those two blue dresses!
and 2) You need to share recipes for all those dishes...they look sooo good! And one day, I will be cooking again!

Mama Hen said...

Blue, especially in the summer is such a great color! The dishes look yummy! Made me hungry! Have a great weekend my friend!

Mama Hen