Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girls' Day on a Sunday; I think that's how God would've wanted it.

Since Gary has been doing another one of the Army schools, I haven't been able to get to the gym because he's been working crazy hours, and we've been prepping for our move (in just over a month!), so we designated that God AND myself rest on the seventh day.

Sundays are G-unit's only day off, so we make sure that I get out of the house a few hours to keep my head from imploding, and subsequent cabin fever from sinking in, and to give my dudes a few hours to be just them since they're not seeing a whole lot of each other these days. I love Jake to tiny, ittybitty pieces, but I just want to relax for, like, a sec (&, my fav' part is still getting time with husband!!). The boy is so much fun, but how would I describe going somewhere without having to deal with the car seat?

Orgasmic. That's how.

So, me and my girls, Amy and Annaleigh, headed out to make it a joint-girls'-day. And, it was a blast!!

The major topics of conversation?

-movie popcorn---mostly me inciting that conversation. What a girl to do? Seriously. WHO DOESN'T LIKE MOVIE POPCORN? I yell that question at you because it's absurd for someone to not enjoy movie popcorn. Absurd.

Popcorn-related digression: So, we buy our tickets for the movie and immediately head to concessions. I order a popcorn and a soda and the concession girl asks, "Butter?". Umm, doiy. So, we get our seats and are happily enjoying the movie when I realize anything under the first layer of popcorn is lacking buttery-goodness. I cursed the concession Nazi.

Our movie of choice was The Change Up. Freakin' hilarious!! We were all rolling the entire time! Of course, that could've partially been to the fact that we were all just sitting at a movie. Sitting being the operative word. Jake's been to four movies in his young life and, obviously, does fine or else we wouldn't keep taking him, but when I heard the couple-in-the-front-row's baby aching for some sort of adjustment, I relaxed that much more. I kind of feel bad for saying this, and I know my lady-pals would agree, but clocking out for a little bit felt uber nice. There are 5 kids between the 3 of us. Point made? ;-)

We walked the mall, shopped, laughed at our own jokes (we're obviously hysterical), and felt a little antsy when not a one of us was holding a wee one, or pushing one in a stroller, or refilling a sippy. But, holding shopping bags wasn't too terrible of a way to calm those eager hands of ours!

But, these ladies kicked such epic amounts of ace I hope we can date on the regular! I mean, when you have ladies with whom you can speak of vaginas, you've got some keepers there.

True story.

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

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