Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I-can't-ever-make-it-Wordless Wednesday

I had been dying to make Nutella if but for no other reason than I wanted to see if I was able to replicate the best taste in the known universe.

So, I pulled up a few different recipes from the internet, picked my favorite, and set off to do some work.

Here are the recipes I have bookmarked in my "recipes" folder, in case you were wondering:

The one I used
The next one I plan on trying
A back-up, that I'm not as enthusiastic about.

The differences between the first and second links are minimal, but I wasn't sure how finicky Nutella was, so I wasn't sure just how much an impact those small differences would make.

Anyway, the recipe I used was soo easy! And, that much easier because of my new love down below!---->

Isn't is so purty?!?

I think I'll call her Bessy.

I have a few recipes where a food processor would have made things infinitely easier, but if I can do things that are a little more work yet saves some money, that's what I'll do. BUT, I had a horrible day last week and said "EFF IT! Mama's getting something to make life a little easier!"

I could not be happier I did! This Black and Decker food processor (from Kmart for $50) is a machine! And, not in the sense that it has working the sense that this bad boy liquified hazelnuts like it was cutting through marshmallows! Amazeballs!

First, toast the hazelnuts...

Toss 'em in the processor until they're a liquid....

Add some sugar and good stuff and VOILA! Nutella!

It's soo good! There's the slightest (I mean SLIGHT. Like, have-to-search-for-it slight) hint of a different taste to it, but, nonetheless, that crap is a chocolate spread you can take a spoon to! I was going to make more, but was making the intense decision of how to use the rest of my hazelnuts! Hazelnut butter? More Nutella (the obvious choice)? Some recipe I've yet to come across?

I'll probably decide while I'm double-fisting homemade Nutella into my gullet.

It's good. The proof is written all over his face.

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Mama Hen said...

Delicious! I would never have thought to try and make my own Nutella. What a fabulous idea! That picture is adorable! Have a great weekend!

Mama Hen