Monday, August 1, 2011

NashVegas, Babay!

I love Sundays. As I write to you, I am freshly showered, hubby just finished a bit of work in the backyard, the boy is sleeping, and I am not coming in contact with a blow dryer, contacts, or make-up.

I love Sundays.


Yesterday, we headed on over to Nashville to celebrate our anniversary! It was such a great day. We celebrated 9 years together; I couldn't have been more grateful to have hubster on U.S. soil for the occasion!

We took this handsome wee lad over to Red Robin, one of our fave-a-roonie places in California, for a so-so time! Don't worry, fellow diners, should we be eating within the same establishment and there happens to be a new waitress we'll get her. She was so nervous she barely spoke to us, my fries were on the cold side and she acted as if Jake, who charms anyone within his gravitational pull, was nonexistent. Good thing we can laugh things off, right?! We still had a really great time together! It felt good to be out of the bubble of the Army post! And, hey, there's much to be said for the company :-)

After a slightly satisfactory meal, yet awesome time, we walked over to Old Navy for some AMAZING deals!Got Jake a few great things, all for just a few bucks! I snagged this warm zip-up for $6! Jake's right on track, wearing 2T, but we got this in 3T because I know he'll be able to grow into it and because, I hear, Colorado encounters snow once in a while?! ;-) This'll serve as a great layer. But, only got myself a few tanks (all for $6, too! HOLLA!), apparently I don't need to worry about the upcoming snow ;-)

Once a California girl, always a California girl!

Next, we went on over to Whole Foods. Please don't judge me too harshly when I say, we drove right by Trader Joe's. I felt like such a weiner. I love that place, you might have heard! ;-) But, I needed hazelnuts to make Nutella (oh no I di'n't!) and was nearly positive my beloved didn't carry them. So, Whole Foods was my second choice.

And, second choice it shall remain.

I've only been in Whole Foods once. Kinda walked around their fresh produce section and meandered back out while shopping for a homecoming dress back in March. So, I don't have many visits with which I can compare this one, and maybe they even only had their B-squad working that day, but these people were douche kabobs.

There were 3 million people in there, so my ratio of finding hazelnuts to navigating the chaos was about 30:70, but I was clearly lost. I passed 6-7 employees, all of whom looked at me like I just kicked their dog, who did absolutely nothing for me and lostness.

One lone deli, or whatever section, worker I asked actually smiled AND helped me. Hello, twofer! She was so sweet and walked me across the store and pinpointed the exact location of the hazelnuts, rather than pointing me in the general direction. They must have hired her to save face of the other employees who hate us consumers. She's the last resort.

Well played, Whole Foods.

Ya see, my beloved TJ's has a designated person who walks around for any questions/directions the customers may have, holding a sign that distinguishes him as such. I've never left there without having a conversation with a fellow shopper. I've NEVER encountered a rude employee.

Trader Joe's, for. the. win.

My boys surprised me, after just dropping me off in front of a jam-packed parking garage. I guess I surprised them right back!

Here are my little, tiny pieces of gold. $9.99/lb!!! But, for the amount you can make, from the 2 lbs I picked up, it still works out to be way cheaper than buying actual Nutella!

As we pulled out of the clusterfrick that is the parking garage, I saw this and couldn't resist snapping a pic!

I'd like to think his "life is good"!


We hardly ever come into Nashville anymore, so leaving without Gigi's would have been a borderline character flaw. They're so good!

Get in muh belleh!

And, finally, after a long day of being out, we went home to enjoy a big bowl of Mac n Cheese together, some cupcakes, and Spongebob. But, Jake had different plans. This kid was eating between us, on the couch---which we never do!, but got off the couch, walked straight past the cupcakes to a small bowl of blueberries he had been munching on while waiting for dinner.

Walked past the cupcakes to the blueberries.

I know.

Anywho, it was a great Saturday, followed by a great, lazy Sunday in which I'll be making sweet potato pie.

:::does the macarena:::

But, one more thing...

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