Friday, August 26, 2011

Triple Eff!

Happy Triple Eff, friendlies!

Gary's finally done with the lot of Army schools he's able to complete before we're onto The Great Move (referring to our Colorado move; I think that gives it a biblical feel, because the Army really does try to make things of biblical proportions. Word.) So, we've actually been able to go out as the wee family that we are! Hence the fact that I actually have dressed pictures of myself to spread out over Triple Effs!

:::finger guns:::

Let's light this candle...

First, [wow, a digression even before I really start. But you'll totally understand why] ya know what I'd love more than any amount of puppies and unicorn farts? Tory Burch boots. Specifically, the selma Riding Boot, in almond. They're tall and amazing and they're just aching to be featured on Triple Eff. Sooo.....let's make this happen, someone. Seriously. Anyone.

I picked up this little Hi-I'm-meant-for-summer halter on the girls' day I recently had with the amigas. It was under $10; JCP for the win! It's so loose, and flowy...doesn't make you too aromatic in sweltering Southern humidity. Plus, it comes in uber handy when, I don't know, you spent the day before you wore it eating your child's weight in popcorn and may desire a bit extra room. But, that's just a possible reason for wearing this cute shirt. Ya know, just spit-ballin'....

Hello, full-body shot! FINALLY! I do, indeed, have a lower half. My little nugget was entertained with Baby Einstein and I snapped this pic about .008 seconds before he walk in front of me so that he could look in the mirror to talk to me. Toddler science.

Pee Ess, I LOVE that the skirt has pockets. Nope, not for keeping my gum or baseball cards. Completely gratuitous pockets. And, I love them.

New neck bling, HOLLA!! Listen, this necklace is super cute, and makes me laugh, and is totally fun for an outfit that is mildly boring. This day I was wearing [obv] a pink tank, and just a short, tan skirt, and said to myself, "Self, that necklace is going to bring the zest to this ensemble". So, I wore it and it was fabulous.

The fact that my owl has bedazzled hooters is just... ::: dies :::


The first dish is chicken with mushrooms. Gary said it was absolutely amazing (YAY!!), but I had never worked with mushrooms before and those little shadoobies gross me out. Anywho...,

And, one more thing: I used to be terrified to cook chicken. I was always worried I wouldn't cook it thoroughly and bad things would happen. But, now I'm all, "I own you, poultry. Suck it."

Slice 'em, roughly, and line the bottom of the dish

Four pieces of boneless, skinless chicken breasts dipped in eggs and tossed in some breadcrumbs.

More mushrooms, to layer on top, and sliced mozzarella.

Browning the chicken on both sides.

Heading into the oven.

Finished product! Sooo juicy!

It was served with mashed potatoes and broccoli, but I was at zumba when they made their plates so no pics of the entire meal!


You've seen it on the blog before, but ya know what? It's comin' back atcha!

Dough ready to be morphed into biscuits, and counter prepped with flour so my dough doesn't stick.

Fun Fact: I love using biscuit cutters.

Tossed with cinnamon and sugar.

This was so good I literally burned my mouth not once, but about 13 times because I refused to be adult and wait 'til it cooled; that's really asking too much.

I can't remember what this dish was called, but when I asked Gary and Jake if it should become part of the rotation all I heard was the sound of forks wooshing to their mouths.

GAH! This one was so good. You, almost literally, toss ingredients in your crock pot and throw up some deuces.

It's Cream of Chicken soup mixed with instant rice, tossed in the crock pot. Next, layer your chicken breasts on top and sprinkle salt and pepper to your liking. Throw some veggies on top. It called for celery, but I had carrots, so that's what I used.

A few hours later you get this beauty:

Jake was PUMPED about this meal. Could not get enough! Gary was all silent, too. I've learned silence during meals means I'm great and awesome ;-) Haha....I just find really great recipes!

Word to the wise: I got the dinner spinner app for my phone and it has been supa fab'; ya know how you can get into a routine of what you make for dinner? Well, check this app out and it'll totally change that. Happy Hunting!

Until next Friday, I'll remain clothed AND cooking.

:::running man:::

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Ammeehhh said...

I used to be terrified of chicken too! Still kinda am LOL.

Gonna try out the crock pot recipe ;)