Friday, September 23, 2011

Bon Voyage, Triple Eff

Hey, party people!

It's my last one of these posts for a while; I won't be able to cook for soooo long.

::: roundhouse kicks Moving in the jugular :::

Our house? Full to the brim with boxes. Everything is off the walls, everything that can be packed is packed, and we're all systems go. But, ummm, that also means kitchen stuff. Lame, right? Doiy. Of course it is.

We have food, obviously. And, I *do* cook, but, people?? It's causing me physical pain to not be able to use my dinnerspinner app, or breakout my heavy artillery (which common folk may refer to as kitchenware. Whatever.). Meals, albeit tasty, consist of inventive ways of cleaning out our fridge and cabinets. I like putting more thought into the meals. But, I have to make intelligent decisions, which means using up food rather than throwing it out because we can't take it with us.

I mean, it's like Picasso without his brush.


:::finger guns and creepy winking:::

Anywho, I'll survive. You'll see why down below, but I definitely earned enough points with the males in our casa to last until I get to my new kitchen!

Can we just talk about this shirt? Definitely not for me; it's for J-Bone. I got it about 32 years ago on the first girls' day because it was from Target and it was, like, $4.50. WIN.

Anyway, you guys have seen how I dress. The only way I'd dress any girlier is if glitter exploded on me. I say this because we were at the commissary a couple weeks ago and a lady referred to Jake as "she". OK, I get that people are ra-tards once in a while, and his needing-a-haircut 'do may have thrown this lady off. Fine. I can deal. But, LOOK AT ME. The boy was in his LA shirt (Doyers, baby!) and tan cargo shorts. Can we just use our deductive reasoning skills and come to the conclusion that I'd dress any daughter o' mine more femininely, until she says she wants otherwise? Can we all just agree on that? I mean, I'd never be the mama that dresses her in pink from head to toe, but more girly than....cargo. shorts.

Anyway, that's my whole spheel on the boy. That picture up above is an indicator of rad little stuff I prefer him to wear. So, yeah, he's very much a 'he'.

As for moi, JCPenney is, more or less (except actually 'less'), sponsoring this post. The top down below makes me feel fab'. And, I didn't get a picture of the back because, per the uje, we were getting out the door and I didn't have time. But, this was for Angie's cookout, so I was happy to do so! Anyway, the back crisscrosses, at the top, and I heart that. I love little accents such as those.

Oh, and the top-----> $4.80.

JCP supplied this for $7.80 and OH. MY. GAWD. I love it. It's so retro to me and super comfy. This may have made me extra excited because I wore it to our Trader Joe's extravaganza.

Love by association.

Are you guys aware of the all the knowledge I drop? Promise...go watch how people push their shopping carts. IT IS how they drive. Science.

I should totally be a mobile shout-out on Cash Cab.


And, 100% because of Pinterest, I tried out the waterfall braid for the first time! I think it went pretty well! Fine tune a few things and I'll sport this bad boy until my deathbed. Just kidding.

I'm a big fan.


For the first time in my 26 years, I made corned beef.

I was making it for corned beef hash. Gary and I both remember having it when we were kids. We only had it when we went camping, or else I may not have made it the whole 26 years, but I always remembered liking that very distinct taste.

My potato status as of now: I hope to never see one ever again.


It was so, so good. Not something I intend to make any time soon, but very good! A hearty meal with a capital HEART.

Competely homemade apple pie.

I'll wait while you sop up that salivation.

All the time Every once in a while, I will get an itch to make something like this. It'll just spring up on me while watching Spongebob, I'll make my declaration, and we'll keep moving on with our day.

They're used to me by now ;-)

I mean, HOMEMADE apple pie. I made the filling with apples that were peeled and cored by my, you guessed it, apple corer and peeler!

I also made the crust.

Usually I'll get the boxed mix to make a crust, but I realized I've got all the same stuff the box does and my stuff is FREEEEEE.

Plus, any crust recipe that calls for the food processor is a Weiner! in my book. For those of you who have cut-in butter, I'm totally looking at you.

I tore apart the apples and "seasoned" them with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. I added more of the mixture because the apples seemed a little more tart to me so I had to tones those biatches down.

Hi, I'm Samantha and I have a crust problem.

They're good, really good. They're light, and flaky, and DE-LISH. But, they fall apart sooo easily. I always have to be very gentle and use my daily quota of swear words to get it done. So, if you have any suggestions on how to keep the taste, but make them a bit more sturdy, I'd love ya!

But, to be honest, who cares what it looks like when your husband, literally, uses the phrase "life-changing" to describe your pie.

And, that is NOT what she said.

Jake liked it, but wasn't in love with it. As many of you know, Jake doesn't have the biggest sweet tooth in town. He'd rather have real food. Whether it be fresh fruits and veggies, or goldfish, or actual meals, he skips the bad-for-you snacks and goes for closer-to-natural tasting stuff.

Proud mama right here!

::: raise the roof :::

Alright, loves, this is it! I won't be cooking for so long. At least it's not cold turkey, I s'pose.

But, you guys....COLORADO. NEXT. WEEK.

So, until then, I'll be playing Tetris. I mean, packing.

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