Monday, September 12, 2011

The Great Move.

Have you heard? We're moving.

And, it's coming up faster than you can say TraderJoe's.

It's hitting me an entirely different way now; just a couple weeks ago it felt like chaos for a 2-3 day stretch, which felt like 2-3 months. Now that the eternity of those 2-3 days is over, I'm realizing all the things I'm going to miss.

Please don't take offense to this, anyone. This is in no particular order.


We've already made plans to go there ONE. LAST. TIME. Umm, does anything make you love something more like having it taken away?! When we go, I'll have to take pictures to chronicle our last trip there. Ya know, action shots of picking up organic products and freakin' tasty food. I'll blog those. Man, wouldn't that be the edge-of-your-seat post? HAYOOOO!!

*The friendlies!

As of now we're in the process of making final dates with those who make up our village. I'm thinking about my friend Angie, whom we're supposed to hang out with this weekend!, who I met at a birthday party and instantly loved her face right off. Or, my dear friend, Christian. This girl is the cat's pajamas and I've always considered her a good friend, even though we've hardly seen each other since we graduated college. Christian, I know you're reading this because you love me back--we can't let our upcoming date slip through the cracks! And, my Whitney. This girl is full of fabulousness. Totes. Stop going on vacays long enough for me to date you! ;-)

Not to leave out anyone else, it's just that you realize just how important the people you don't see as often are when you're about to move away from them! We love our huge lot of friends and are gonna miss the stuffing right outta ya! xo

*The zumba instructors!!!!

Gah! I have to leave them?!? This probably sounds all kinds of creeepystalkerish. But, this is how much I care: not. at. all. Their classes are so fun and the lights are off and there's strobes and stuff...

I doubt their level of awesome carries throughout the U.S.. No, I am not biased ;-)

*The atmosphere.

If it weren't for humidity that rivaled our Jamaican vacation, or bugs the size of small children, we'd totally set up shop in the good, ol' South. I like that you get a ton for your money out here; I like that I'm "honey" or "baby" or "sweetie"; I like that, more often than not, people are polite and courteous. I know, coming from California, people definitely had thoughts about us, but I think we really mesh well here.

*My stylist

Cristal, one of my favorite people on the planet, has done my hair for over 4.5 years! She's been a great friend, a great therapist, and someone who can bring me back from the dead when I was 7 weeks postpartum and my roots were hanging out by my ear lobes. She's hilarious and knows me and our souls just kind of go.

*Nashville, Bebeh!

Nashville houses the Grand Ole Opry, the unforgettable Opryland Hotel, The Parthenon, Red Robin (hallo!), Trader Joe's, MAC, Gigi's Cupcakes...... All of which we've visited multiple times and would have kissed Nashville right on the mouth for showing us such a good time. Perhaps we can squeeze in one more visit to Opryland?! As if things weren't getting busy enough with moving. C'mon, Samantha, get in the game.

But, we're also stoked about what Colorado has in store for us. Aspen, Rockies & Broncos games, wondering what kind of house we'll get (Fort Carson's on-post housing is sa-weeeet!), the new friends, etc etc etc....

Oh, and most importantly, creating more wee bebehs!!!! You guys, *I* have been the reason it got so hot in various parts of the U.S.; my baby fever is so off the charts my uterus is glowing. True Story.

Colorado: Just another place for to grow and conquer, amiright??

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Ammeehhh said...

So on your behalf, I decided to look up where the closest Trader Joe's was to your new home...turns out the closest one to you is also the closest one to me, Santa Fe.

I think some grand day we should meet half way bahaha.

I'm also happy that my itty bitty contributed to your baby fever :D