Friday, September 9, 2011


Now, to begin...I don't like when my world isn't just all copasetic and tied up with a bow. We're laid-back people and just, kind of, handle things as they come, but, I swear, sometimes do you ever just feel like you walked through a douche parade?

Gary and I have been talking about this topic of opinions a little more often lately because we frequently come in contact with someone who seems to have nothing but negative things to say to us.

Not to imply everyone should dig us; not everyone is everyone else's cup o' tea. No biggie. But, what I mean are the people who seem to go out of their way to get their jab in on you.

For this specific person, it would, initially, really get to me. I'd feel hurt, or put off; wondering how in tarnation they got their panties in such a twist.

Then, I realized I'm awesome and they are not ;-)

The more we've gotten to know this person, the answer seems to lie in their dissatisfaction with themselves; their dissatisfaction with their choices. So, what happens? They bring out the douchery in droves and catapult it our way.

But, in our true give-people-a-chance fashion, we decided to give it a bit more thought before we finally reached the point of I'm-about-to-dish-it-back-to-get-you-to-back-off-where-I'll-make-you-cry-using-only-my-words.

[Not that we, necessarily, want to make anyone cry. It's just that everyone has their limit. Totes.]

Our conclusion? If people want to think of you as stupid, or fat, or ugly, or insensitive, or a douche, or...the list goes on....they'll find a way. So often, people who work really hard to think of another person in a given light are so upset about something within themselves that they project it onto their unsuspecting victim. They see something within you they wish they could call their own. If you think about it, it's actually kinda flattering, no?

Idle hands, people, idle hands...

The little jabs, the little passive-aggressive comments (wait....HOLY REDUNDANCY) are annoying as shit, but I really, reallllly try to rise above it, turn the other cheek because it honestly has nothing to do with us, really. But, isn't that the hardest thing in all the land? How do you get past it? We are human after all.

Personally, I hope for the papercut.

Just kidding.


These people must be uber-stressed. I can only imagine it's pretty difficult to spend so much time thinking about other people, as those people go on and live their lives.

So, we came to a pretty outstanding conclusion about our conclusion: If we don't have respect for the person, as in they're a passerby in Target or just a douche canoe in general, your opinion holds a big, ol' goose egg as far as we're concerned. That sounds simple, right? But, can we be honest that it's not always the easiest to live by that? Everyone cares, on some level, about what others think of them. But, when you realize no one worth their salt would incessantly try to knock you down from the peg upon which they assume you perch, that "stress" of having to prove who you are dissipates wicked fast.

Again, this all probably sounds pretty elementary, but it's not; it's something that definitely comes with time. We're no old geezers, but getting a little bit older really helps to just be ok with you. So, if someone thinks I'm unintelligent because I don't have a job that pays, that's fine. If someone thinks Gary's heartless because he's a soldier, have at it. If someone thinks I'm a spazzoid about the cleanliness of my house because I don't let it get all Hoarders in here, get on with your bad self. It's no skin off my nose. We still gotta go about our bitness regardless of what anyone else thinks, ya feel me? You just can't control what people think.

I totally just flashed on Pinky and the Brain, ya know....tryin' to rule the universe. 'Member that show?

I write how I think, people.

And, for fun, because you've endured a therapy session with me in blog form, you've earned this:

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