Monday, September 19, 2011

Makin' some memories.

I swear on Toby Keith, someone up in here best know who Tim Riggins is.

This past weekend was all kinds of awesomesauce.

As it should be; it's one of our two last weekends here!

I know.

We kicked off the weekend with a cookout with a family I am creepily-wild about, the Richardsons. I mentioned one of my favorite people, Angie, a post or two ago and she belongs to said family. Her and I, and our shorts ones, had hungout a handful of times, but it was never a family extravaganza. Gary and I left their house Saturday night wishing we had been spending oodles of time with them, bordering on wearing-out-our-welcome amounts of time. They're just good people.

And, ya know how if you're going to a party, of some sort, you may sometimes be a little iffy since you won't know the rest of your hosts' friends (mostly because not everyone will talk to just about anyone like we will. Sorry, strangers)? We never felt that, and it was never necessary. There were two other families at this cookout and they were just as amazing as our hosts. It felt like we'd all known each other forevah.

? Any group of people who can quote Family Guy are at the top of my list.

I think it's a testament to the time we had that I don't have one picture of Jaden, Angie's two year old, and Jake playing together, or the mouth-watering brisket we inhaled, or Jake crawling right into Angie's lap while we ate.

That, or I'm just lazy as f*ck.


But, we did have a stupendous (<---right?!?) time. It's hard to have anything but a 'Dear Diary..' time when your toddler instantly acts like he's at home in someone else's home.

OK, enough about my stalker-like tendencies.

Sunday was something for which my dear heart beat. Sunday was marked as 'Trader Joe's!!!!! <3' on the calendar. Mama don't play.

First, as is always a rule by which to abide, we ate at Red Robin because you NEVER get groceries, no matter how small the trip, while you're hungry! Fo' shizzle.

Ceiling fans: Jake's kryptonite.

In the same shopping center lives a Books-A-Million. I'm, kind of, a die-hard Borders fan; mostly because they're going out of business and I'm saving serious cash money feeding my reading addiction. However, a book store's a book store. Almost-totes. Plus, it gives me the warm-fuzzies since Jake loves to read. The first thing he does in the morning, after I lift him out of his crib, is grab the book he was read off his toy box the night before, at bedtime, and read while I get his breakfast ready. So, yeah, us + books = <3

We got him a book, as part of his birthday present!!, and me a couple books (which will soon become Gary's couple books):

The same Bro Montana that recommended I read Lone Survivor (by Marcus Luttrell---in case there's any way I haven't burned that into your subconscious---> run and go buy it. DO IT) also recommended Seal of Honor, which is about one of the four extraordinarily heroic men in/of the previously mentioned Lone Survivor. As SOON as I hit 'save now' on this post, I'm picking up that book and getting it on. And, then watching Mad Men. Guys, I just started this show and...whoa doggie, LOVE!

And, just like Christmas morning...

Umm, hai. I'm Trader Joe's and I'm DA BOMB.

Jake was practically asleep in the cart the entire trip. I, on the other hand, was skipping merrily throughout my kryptonite in manner very reminiscent of Mary Poppins.

Gahhh, what if that were true?!

Organic cracker assortment, Parmesan & Artichoke spread---the boy loves it!, organic butter, mini-Trader-Joe's-version Reese's (doiy), Organic Concorde Grape Juice, a protein drink, avocados (no grocery trip is complete with them).

OK, friends, I'm off to read about a courageous man and watch 1960s infidelity.


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