Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Yesterday, I had a to-do list to tackle. So, I got after it. But, once I looked around our kitchen and playroom, I saw that I was accomplishing so many things at once. And, ever the diligent blogger, I thought I should document the festivities.

Had to bake the chicken, which was thawing in the fridge, for chicken salad.

...while making apple butter to be canned...

...and getting dinner into the crock pot...

...all the while feeding Jake snacks of organic crackers with parmesan artichoke dip.

Let's be real. With everything I was doing, h-e double hockey sticks to the YES I was going to feed him cracker bites as opposed to leaving him to his own devices. I was already making a mess, no need for two!

And, the boy? In between bites, he deemed it unnecessary to play with stuff I considered keeping for myself...

He'd rather play with the wheels of our desk chair.


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