Friday, September 2, 2011

Triple Eff!

[Food and Fashion Friday, to any newbies :-) WELCOME! Glad you're here!]

A preemptive apology: Dinners have been lasting a while around here, so I don't have as many food pictures as usual. I know. I'm sorry. But, hopefully, like me, you love clothes and don't mind takin' a gander! Next week, though? WHOA. It's going to get epic up in here. I've found some recipes that induce salivation just by reading the ingredients. So, hang in there with me, lovahs!

I want to say this is one of my favorite outfits of all time, but my nose would grow. I simply associated that fact that I finally got my hair did the day I wore this! Hallelujah! It was soooo needed. So, I just wanted something simple and cazh while I was stripped of the Cruella de Vil-esque look.

I love the pattern on the back! Obviously I wore the tube top underneath because it's see-through in the back and, believe it or not, I do draw the line somewhere ;-)

Girls' day ensemble!

I planned my whole outfit around the next picture----->

The most amazing headband who ever lived.

Does everyone else personify things they love? Oh. Me either....

I loved it so much, I wore it again a few days later! Because curled-hair totalllly makes a difference, right?!

The belt is my very favorite part of this look. FAVE-OR-IT. I hadn't worn the dress in a long time, like months. And, the clock's tickin' as to how many more uses I can get out of it with moving to Colorado, ya know--real mild winters ;-) Anyway, hadn't worn it in months and it was a few inches too big. I won't even try to irritate women everywhere by complaining about that fact, but it looked very sloppy. So, threw the belt on and, I think hope, it made a real difference!

Old Navy is just amazing!

My itty-bitty (this week only!) food section:

This little numba is Chuckwagon Wild Rice and the simplicity to taste ratio astounds me. Astounds, I tell you.

Givin' the rice some color

Colored! Ground beef and BBQ sauce mixed in

Topped with shredded cheese.

You guys, this meal was made all in one pan and is SO. GOOD. I realize I should probably stop saying that because I wouldn't feature a dish on here that turned out to be a crap salad, but it was so good! I'll look up more adjectives....

The apple peeler and corer.

I estimate that I've made apple butter 6 billion times. Every single time, I've done the tedious task of peeling, coring, and dicing 4.5-5 pounds of apples. This is how much I love my boys. Apple shavings would go every which way, I'd have multiple cuts from trying to speed the process along, and it would, overall, be the biggest pain in the hiney one could imagine.

Gary suggested that if apple butter is going to remain a staple in Casa de LaMay that I should invest in the worthwhile gadget. I dropped a whopping $15 and the peeling/coring/dicing chore went from about an hour to about 15 minutes. For those keeping score, that's a Win. And, the apples end up looking like a slinky. Hello, double win!

Pumpkin butter.

No worries, you absolutely read that correctly.

My dear friend Kristen, in Germany---pertinent info, people, found this recipe on Pinterest and asked if I'd make it and report back as to where it ranked on my awesome-meter. PRETTY FREAKIN' HIGH.

Couldn't be easier to make. You toss ingredients in the pot, stir a few times, and let thicken. It's as close as you can get to pumpkin pie without being Thanksgiving. Gary's amazed, especially since that's his favorite pie. And, the boy? He got a treat of having the butter on his waffles the other morning and he ate those bad boys up with extra pizzazz. It's hanging out in mason jars in the fridge as we speak. So simple!

This girl's out fo' now, but I'll be back with some great recipes! Hope you enjoyed!

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