Friday, September 16, 2011

Triple Eff!

Waddup, loverfaces?!

Happy Friday!

I'm only going to be able to ONE more of these posts before we move!!! Umm, hai, cooking withdrawals! Not to mention---> DRESSING WITHDRAWALS! Peeps, I'm going to be wearing less than spectacular clothing on our 18 hour drive to Colorado, which is....le duh. But, what's really putting the stick in my spokes? We'll be living out of a suit case for forever while waiting for our housing assignment at our new post so I'll have a very limited range of things to wear. Unexcited? Yes. However, I doubt I'll be attending any dinner parties during our travels so we should be good.....

While I can still break out the cute stuff!:

I have mad love for this vest! The only thing that sucks is that I had to snap this pic of moi because G-unit was at work and the entire vest went up with my arms! Holy Tragedy. Anywho, even if the picture isn't perfect, I freakin' adore this vest.

So, it became surprisingly chilly a week or two ago and this little crop-cardigan was about the extent outside my summer clothes I was willing to go. Hey, it had sleeves!

Isn't this necklace to die?! Well, not everyone may think so, but I think it's super cute without being too much. My kind of ratio.

Besides the color blue and totes adorbs necklaces, I harbor a major affinity for racerbacks.

I can't believe it hadn't dawned on me until, like, yesterday to get a picture of me in my zumba shirt! I only do zumba 5 days a week! [well, now I replaced two of those days with yoga, but you get the point...] Does anyone else feel very Joe Dirt about this picture?!

Moving on, children.

The food! The last time I did this post the food was lacking. This time? I'm pretty sure I've covered the food spectrum!

First up: Creamy Shrimp in Rice.

That's right, shrimp.

We're fancy-schmancy up in here.

Well, this'll probably be the only time I cook it, but whatevs.

Sauteing red pepper, onion, and garlic

Toss in some peas. You're supposed to use sugar snap peas, but I used regular peas because I'm gangsta.
It's actually all I had and I doubt my boys give a shadoobie what type of peas are in their meals!

Toss in the shrimp. The shrimp was, pretty much, perfection. At $8/lb, it better taste life-changing.

Mixed with some garlic Phili cooking creme and serve over rice.

You're welcome ;-)

*Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole---->

except it tasted nothing like Chicken Cordon Bleu. It's got the same stuff in it--chicken, ham, cheese...ya know, all the food groups. Tastes completely different, but still a really good dish!

Chicken, cooking creme, asparagus spears (cut), ham, and crushed Ritz crackers.

Layered in a greased pan and covered with swiss cheese.

So, you're supposed to serve it over rice. Woops.

*Mexican Taco Quiche

I made this for dinner, even though it's intended for breakfast/brunch, because I don't play by anyone's rules. Not even my own. Family Guy with my food and fashion? Um, yes please!

This is a bowl full of eggs, salsa, milk, bell pepper, and Mexican-style cheese blend

....which would be poured atop this ground beef seasoned with taco mix

Isn't that the most beautiful crust you've ever seen in your life?! Crusts used to be my nemesis. Now, they're my biatch.

Gary couldn't get enough of this! Jake didn't feel real great the night I made it, so he didn't eat much. That wasn't a giant kick to my ego or anything ;-) But, glad one of my boys ate it up!

*Creamy Chicken with Broccoli

So, I got all these recipes off my dinner spinner app and I'd like to lodge a formal complaint. How about we come up with a title that doesn't just list the ingredients! I need something inventive! I'll turn to Pinterest....

Broccoli, red pepper, garlic and chicken.

All tossed in a pot with pasta and cooking creme. Jake ate it like his mouth was going on sabbatical.

OK, dolls, did I make up for the last one of these I did?! Next week, I need to pull out the big guns, with it being my last of these posts for a while. I'm making more apple butter, but I doubt you guys want to see 27 jars full of the heavenly nectar again. I am, however, making an apple pie completely from scratch. That's right, no from-the-can filling. No store-bought crust. Holla!

I'll try my best to rock your faces clean off.

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