Tuesday, October 4, 2011

...and we went out with a bang

Long time no see!!

Guys, I have, approximately, 3 million pictures between our last week in Kentucky to our first few days here at Fort Carson so I guess I'll try to be selective :-)

Our last weekend at Campbell was just amazing. That Saturday we went to the Butterfly Festival. The weather was perfect and it was the perfect distraction from the upcoming marathon of cleaning and floor-sleeping we had ahead of us!

On Monday, the movers came to take away our house. Naturally, Jake and I headed away from the chaos to, ya know, hide stay out of the way. First, we had brunch, because we're fancy up in here, at IHOP and then headed to the park:

We came home, after the movers had left, to get to work scrubbing the house for our housing inspection the following day. Ya know, make the house immaculately clean because that's the way they gave it to us.

::: FRIENDS Ross-style flip-off :::

The cleaning may have made me want to poke myself in the eye with a fork, but it did provide moments such as these:

I was scrubbing the fridge, and took the last shelf out to be cleaned in the sink, and this is where I found him! He hadn't even been in the room with me when I took the shelf out!

The next morning was my baby boy's birthday. The old man is TWO. It's insaneinthemembrane to say I have a TWO YEAR OLD; perhaps more insane to say my uterus aches for another ;-)

After our housing was inspected, we got to the hotel, to start celebrating our tiny man, and I got the last picture of a cute outfit I'd have for a while ;-) We only had so much room in our cars so I couldn't pack more! Either way, LA-OVE this dress!

I got it back in '08 to pick Gary up on leave, from deployment #2, and I'm still not over it. I'm loyal to my clothes....

Obsessed with the balloons from his grandparents and uncles :-)

We took him to one of his favorite places, Chuck E. Cheese. He can't get enough. The squeals and shrieks and contagious laughter 'bout had me in tears if I hadn't been smiling so big!

After gorging on pizza and breadsticks, we went back to our hotel to let our bellies digest before cake and presents. You know I'm not overdoing it, on the food-front, with a toddler I'm about to drive 1,100 miles who rarely ever sees junk food!

Chuck E. Cheese wore out our tiny lad!

Jake the Tank.

If Dora doesn't have to rhyme, neither do I.

This was an $8 Spongebob card that sang when opened; the boy was absolutely infatuated. Even though he loved his other gifts, we could've just gotten him the card and got away with it!

We rarely ever pay full price for a book. We go to consignment shops and get books for no more than $3 (got one yesterday for $.50! ::: running man :::). BUT, we saw this book, during our last trip to Nashville, and were physically unable to resist. The book's pages are divided into thirds so that you can, basically, write your own Spongebob story. The awesome was almost too much for him the bear!

The very next day we began our trek to Colorado. We've driven cross-country, between Kentucky and California, numerous times, but it's a different feeling when you're leaving the home you've made for the past five years (6 for G-unit!). Can't say I didn't get a little teary on our drive out, but it's all happening exactly as it's meant :-)

The ride was smooth-sailing; we'd drive no more than 4 hours at a time, get gas every time we stopped, and would run around with Jake so we could all stretch out those gams! Peeps, we have this boiled down to a science!

We drove through a crap-ton of cities; unfortunately, I couldn't get pictures of all the sites! I suppose that's what happens when you're driving two separate cars, but we saw things like the St. Louis Arch and Busch Stadium and, hallo, an alpaca farm. I couldn't help but to laugh! I thought those were fictional, like glittery unicorn farts.

The drives seemed to go very quickly (although sleepy butt cheeks may have different to say...), but I'm so thankful we all made it in one piece!

Oh, and a lot of people have been asking where we're having J-Bone sleep...

The pack n' play of course!

That is, until he passes out in our bed and has to be transferred over.
I mean, why's he so tired? He just sat in the back....

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