Monday, October 31, 2011

Boo at the Zoo!

Our Halloween was this past Friday night because Gary had to leave for training that night :-( I really super like the ol' hubbaroonie. Like, a lot. So, that's why, even though we've been through too many deployments, it still sucks donkey kong when he's only going to be gone a month.

Now that the lame part of the story is out of the way....

I kept it under top-secret, swear on yo' mama's life, wraps what I wanted J to be this year. It was so cute and I was 1000% sure we wouldn't see anyone else in a costume like it. He was going to be one of the little guys from Despicable Me; complete with face paint and black, standing-straight-up hair. We still haven't even lived in our house a month, so I kept doing house stuff, thinking I'd gather the materials for his costume about a week and a half beforehand.


Do you know how super difficult it is to find a yellow, pullover, hooded sweatshirt in Jake's size? I looked online and all I found were $27 sweatshirts, which I would not spend that much on something that I was going to alter to where he was only able to wear it once. Fugetaboutit!

So, after realizing I needed much more time than I realized to make his costume, I had to throw in the towel and buy one; albeit something that's super presh and something he totally squealed over, it didn't really sit well that it was purchased. Oh well....ya live and ya learn! We still had a great time!

Before we get to the shizz-ton of pictures know this: Some were taken with my phone, some our camera; so some of them are of less-than-desirable quality. As if anybody cares, right?? I just won't add 'photographer' to my bucket list....

As much as I'm dying to show you guys the pics of the projects going on around the house I have to wait 'til they're finished. But, I'd like to think these pumpkins are an indicator of what's up. I'm sure that 99%, if not more, of my projects are Pinterest-inspired. I love Pinterest sooo much because I want our house to be full of quirky, cute, different d├ęcor; ya know, not so all-your-neighbors-have-the-same-thing-because-you-all-bought-it-at-Tarjet type thing.

Anywho, we went to Michael's and picked up some gold spray paint, and black puffy paint. That's all we bought for the pumpkins! I had ribbon on hand so it took me about 15 minutes to finish both pumpkins and I uber-love how they turned out! Gary actually asked if I put beads on the one pumpkin; nope! Just some designs I did with paint!

Below is reason 327 I really love to cloth diaper!!

For those that are curious, I bought this from Plump Diapers; go 'like' her on Fbeezy! The diapers are of great quality!! 'member the Spongebob diaper I showed you guys a ways back? Well, she made that one. They come super fast, are incredibly absorbent, and so, so soft. You'll love, I promise! Although we do have enough diapers for the boy as is, I'd love to have a diaper for each major holiday. They're too cute not to!

Boo at the Zoo!

Mapquest finally straightened her shadoobie out and we made it to the zoo!

::: does the sprinkler :::

It is called the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, but we didn't realize just how far into the mountain we were going! We thought it was just near it or something. No way, Jose. We were pretty deep in there. Well deeper than I thought. I thought I saw Bear Grylls one time....

Anyways, we were up in there. It had been a little cool, but no biggie, at our house. But, since we were cliffhanging at this zoo, we totally froze off our katookus. We walk up and everyone's in parkas and mukluks and shit. Woops. Thank goodness the boy is getting that last molar in; it added to his insulation.


I didn't remember 'til we were leaving to snap a pic of the entrance. See the kid ready for a blizzard in the bottom right? COLD.

One of the many trick-or-treat tables. We had to get swag for Jake; he had no interest. We decided against bringing the stroller because this was a night for him, so we wanted to let him explore and do as he pleased, rather than make things easier on us. We did hold hands the whole time, but suffice it to say there are no pictures of us with any of the dressed up zoo people. The boy walked around, literally, shrieking the entire time. He couldn't handle the awesome!

They had limited animals out, but this giraffe mosh pit was, by far, my favearoonie!

Can you still believe we live here?! Me either!!

And Pee Ess: I could not get a picture of me and the boy to save our lives. I don't only want to be the picture-taker! That was a smidge frustrating, but it was all erased when, while walking around with daddy, Jake turned around and reached up for my hand. The kid should have asked for a Porsche when he turns 16; he so could have closed that deal.

So, off we walked, a trio of hand-holders :-)

His costume was such a mondo hit! EVERYWHERE we went it was, "Look! Spongebob!" and, "how cute!!". Le duh, people ;-) Jake kept rubbernecking at everyone commenting on his costume. I think he felt like a celebritot.

If you look really closely, you can see a pack of lions lounging on the rock

I am NOT a photographer.

We could have ridden up and down the mountain in the ski lifts, but that was a no-go with a mobile toddler!

Completely mesmerized by the carousel!

All in all, our night rocked our socks off! It was super lame to have to drop Gary off afterward, but ending on a note like that was pretty amazeballs. Jake had an absolutely amazing time and that's all we wanted <3

Have a great Halloween, you Halloweiners!

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