Thursday, October 6, 2011


Time for a tour of our new digs!

Job one on the agenda was to find my hotspots around town:

So, remember how Whole Foods sucked big, fat toe? Well, we hit this Whole Foods and it was a completely different experience. The employees weren't a super far deviation from Nashville's, but I'll take any improvement! But, at least these customers were mildly friendly. It wasn't so "you suck at life" when we passed in the aisles which is always nice! ;-)

The next job was to admire this place!!

I love this place!!!

Our new 41A

We are further west!; Hardees is now back to being correctly named Carl's Jr!!

Oh, the happiness!!!

If we get an In-N-Out I'll wet myself.

This is the new post we get to call home!

Can't say I hate that someone cleans up after me! YAY for housekeeping!

Hello, my soldier

The commissary.

I'm about to blow the minds of my Army wife friends: We got here on Friday, which happened to be payday. We decided to go out exploring the next day, because we forgot it was payday weekend, and the commissary was one of our stops. You guys, this place was a ghost town. It was nowhere near Fort Campbell, in that I didn't have to drop the hammer because someone tried to body check me in the aisles. Of the people actually in the commissary, they were friendly! I know Campbell is a major Army post, but I'm still in awe! We toodled around town to find Tarjet etc., and NO ONE. I'm not ignoring the fact that this could be a complete fluke, but my belly tells me otherwise! If we had gone from Carson to Campbell I might have cried!

Our new PX

What a terrible view, eh?! It's roughly the same size as the one at Campbell, but it just seems....slower. Obvious, right? It's a smaller post. But, whatevs. It's the simple things :-)

Another reason I adore this PX (since I didn't say it before: I adore the PX), we snagged 1500 thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets for $45! Swimmin' pools, movie stahs...

And, these are just some pics from around our lodging!

Wait, what's that, little mountain? You want to be snowboarded this winter??
Done and Done.

These clouds look rather ominous, no? Well, they aren't. It's not like the South; you don't have to go find yourself a Noah because a cloud pops into the sky. It's very calm, almost surreal to look up at those clouds. They're the kind you're sure you could sit on when you were a kid :-)

But, because we do know that we have some snow headed our way---->

The people are friendly, it's not all sardine status, and I'm back to loving being outside...

Fort Carson: I'd recommend it to a friend :-)

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Mama Hen said...

I love the hat and mittens! The clouds picture is pretty cool! Yes each Whole Foods experience can be different! :) I would love to have someone do the housework! That is a great part of being in a hotel. I hope all is well! Have a great day!

Mama Hen