Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm totally Magellan.

This place makes me giddy as if Trader Joe's and Old Navy spawned a love child.

This weekend we did more exploring because soon Gary leaves for training, which thrills me about as much as a fork to the retina.

Saturday I got my 'do did, or else, by the time Gary got back, it would have driven me outside my own noggin and I would have had to swear on Lady Gaga that I was about to get stabby, and it was as close to an out-of-body experience as I've had.

I picked a salon/spa in the area that uses the same products my stylist did in Kentucky and hoped for the best. I walked in and met Monique. Did you read that with the applicable satisfied exhalation? Because she's faboosh!

As me and my head-full of foils took a seat in the comfy leather chair, Monique came over and asked if I'd like a hand massage. Get on over here, sister! She laughed when I accepted because I'm pretty sure I did so as if she asked, "Would you like this pile of cash?"

So, she's massaging my hand/forearm and all I keep thinking is, "I so love her", "Wait...I love google, who brought me to you"

Then, she shampoos and gives me a scalp massage. For about the most glorious ten minutes I've ever known. My thoughts then? "She could be turning my hair Katy Perry pink and I wouldn't even carrrreeee"

I left there feeling like a hot tamale.

Jake had been a spectacular ball of fever, from the move catching up with him, and teething that last molar in. Believe me, this has been a joint effort. He woke up during the night, he didn't want to eat during the day, and wanted to hang on the couch all day. It was so hard to see my little man like that. So, Gary was as excited for me as I was for my appointment Saturday morning; he said, and I quote, "Go out, have fun. See a movie. Just enjoy yourself".

Can I marry him again?

I needed lemon essential oil (for my homemade furniture dusting spray! If I make my own cleaner, why not?!) so I went to Natural Grocers. Amazeballs. They were friendly, closer than Whole Foods, came recommended by my goddess, Monique, and were wildly cheaper than the aforementioned, Whole Foods.

I skipped out of there like I imagine Cinderella might skip.

Skipped myself to lunch and then more of something, but I can't remember. It was that. good.

Moving on from the best day in recorded history:

We went to our first on-post function, the pumpkin patch!

And, obviously, I should put a picture of fire trucks with that caption.

I got an automated phone call one afternoon about a pumpkin patch that was going to take place at the housing office. What are these people? Wizards? Automated phone call from housing. I dig it.

Ever the joiners, we headed on over!

There were caricatures

...and studly husband (singular)

....and free pumpkins!

We each got to take one home; sadly, one of them cracked on the way home, so now we only have two pumpkin-representatives of our family. But, you guys? I decorated them sooo cute! They're drying now, but will be on the front porch tomorrow morning for the neighbors to admire enjoy ;-)

Completely sacked out from the excitement!

The kid's a total trooper, though! There's so much new stuff going on, which is quickly becoming routine, and he handles it so well. Proud mama!

Oh, and I just thought I'd be a total turd burglar and show you more shots of where we live. We actually live here!

Simmer Donna.

This is the day it "snowed".

I guess the area outside post got it a little more heavily, but Gary and I were so excited as we saw snow inch its way down the mountain!

It stayed like that a wee bit and then transformed into awesome:

Sunday we were supposed to go to the zoo. It's 15 minutes from our house. We drove around an hour because mapquest is a dirty biatch.

Either way, didn't hate being, unknowingly, lost with a drive like this!

So, we threw in the towel and ate instead. Obviously.

We ate, for the first time, at Texas Roadhouse and I had the salmon. It was life-changing. It's our new place. And, I could not be more pumped about it.

'Texas Roadhouse' is all bedazzled and glittered in my mind's eye.


And, just because he's the coolest kid in town <3

Pee Ess...the projects around the house are just going swimmingly, dahling! Pics are coming pronto! Keep your panties on; it'll be worth it!

Happy Tuesday, friends :-)

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Erin said...

Monique did my hair when I went to Veda!