Tuesday, October 18, 2011

That time I extremely couponed.

During our trip to Colorado, Gary and I became hooked on Extreme Couponing. We'd get to the hotels and see if we were able to find an episode; I mean, we weren't maniacal about it or anything...

But, there was one point,when Gary went out to get us some dinner, and, as he walked out the door, said, "Let me know how much she saves!" haha!

So, I started thinking about it. I think a general rule to life is to keep everything in moderation (I'm deep, yo), but these crazies kept saying, during their interviews within the show, "...everyone should be doing it" and, "it's too easy".

Challenge accepted.

To begin my new extreme lifestyle, I made a point to go to Walgreens every Sunday for 3 newspapers. For those wondering, NO. CLUE. why I chose 3. Why not all of them? Why not 7, or 2. I don't have a clue. Must be my new, extreme lifestyle. And, I made mental note to buy a printer once we arrived at our new casa.

Can't help it----> Digression: I've always lightly couponed; it wasn't something I was passionate about (h e double hockey sticks, I still wouldn't call it a 'passion'), or went out of my way to accomplish. But, what tickled my pickle is that someone asked me, "Do you coupon?", like it was some new, crazy fad. I told this to my madre so we could share the laugh. I mean, my mom, pretty much, invented "couponing".

I went into this knowing I had no plans to let this consume my life. There's no way I'm going to stress myself over something that is, more or less, a hobby.

So, here's what I do: I buy the arbitrary amount of 3 newspapers on Sundays; And, the other day, I went out and bought a $50 Canon printer at Walmart; Then, I signed up for some coupon sites online. And, lastly, I found a grocery store in the area that doubles coupons.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

It's worked out really well! I haven't saved 50%, or more, or anything on a bill yet, but the savings have definitely shown up! Let's just say, with the savings, I've paid for the printer more than a couple times!

Oh, and you'll see this when I post the pics of the new house, but I wasn't going to begin doing anything 'extremely' unless I had a place to store all the swag; Houston, we have a basement!

So, here we go--->
My first couponing venture was at our new commissary. And, to be honest, it was because I had coupons that were 'military coupon' as opposed to 'manufacturer coupon', hence the reason I started at a place where you won't, necessarily, find the best deals.

-My bill was: $129.35
-Coupon total: $45.54
-Items bought: 100
-Savings: 27%
-Making each item total: $1.29

I was especially excited about that category because I had coupons for things like TreSemme, which was $3.55 without coupon!

After I found the grocer that would double coupons (They'll double coupons up to $1, and it shows as 'bonus coupon' when you're at the register), I went for a small trip, to test the water.

-My bill was: $24.99
-Coupon total + doubled coupons + store card savings: $13.30
-Items bought: 17
-Savings: 35%
-Making each item total: $1.47

After I dipped my toe into the water of that store, I decided to really go. My first shopping trip at that store:

-My bill was: $119.21
-Coupon total + doubled coupons + store card savings: $47.48
-Items bought: 47
-Making each item total: $2.54

Not only did I save in-store, but this grocer has a pump where you can only fill your tank if you're a card member; you get $0.10 off per gallon for each $100 spent in store. I filled up, post-trip, and saved $0.20/gallon! Holla!

And, probably one of my favorite couponing trips thus far: Old Navy

Per the uje, Old Navy was having a pretty amazeballs sale and, since we're the perpetual Californians, we had to beef up our limited stock of warm weather clothing!

-My bill was: $59.01
-Coupon total + discounts: $48.88
-Items bought: 7
-Making each item total: $8.43

The thing I love most about saving this cash money is that it's not becoming a stressor, ya k now? Of just those trips alone, we saved $155.20! And, I was never stressed. Yes, I love saving money as much as the next Domestic Engineer, but I'm not going to, voluntarily, stress myself. I mean, we're so blessed to not be hanging on to our last dime, so we can keep this couponing deal supa cazh.

Oh, and you guys know I have enough hair to rival Mufasa....In mathematical terms, I have a shizz ton of conditioners and shampoos! Not to mention, deodorants, toothpaste, canned goods, soap, body wash... E.T.C.

Once all my home projects are finished up, you'll have all kinds of pics to delight your eyeballs, which will also include my coupon swag!

Get off the edge of those seats.


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