Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2012 is going to kick serious ace

If we're friends on Fbeezy, you know the husband came home...because I sang it from the rafters! And, it wasn't awkward at all.

The monthish that he was gone felt exactly like a monthish. Time dragged on exactly as it might, regardless of how busy we stayed. Lamesauce. Totes. But, it's over and I got to thinkin'....HE'S HOME THIS YEAR!!

Through the end of this year, and into next year, I think I'm going to be officially spoiled; I get the husband for this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years---real life smooches for me this year!! Then, we head straight into the new year with the season of peace, aka my birthday! Then, husband's birthday. As far as we know we'll be in the same country AND under the same roof for all those extravaganzas and I plan for us to live the shadoobie out of it! Our little family of 3 all together...what a concept :-)

In the next few months, taking us into 2012, we get to find out if we can get to the baby-makin' when we'd hoped. Pee Ess, if another person I know gets pregnant I'm going to throw an adult-tantrum. It won't be cute.

Along the way, there have been a few "Holy crap, are we having a surprise baby?!". I never saw that happening, not that it'd be a big deal if it did, so it was a find-my-big-girl-undies kinda moment. But, it looks like we may have some say in when we add to Team LaMay. I think that's pretty rad.

But, OH EM GEE!! Isn't it totally different thinking about having TWO kids? That's double the amount I have now. And, I think the difference now is that I know exactly what I'm getting myself into....and I think it's pretty incredible :-) We're, like, really grown-ups now.

So, I plan to stay pretty blessed for a while. Ya know, no biggie. I get to make cute little Christmas goodies, that'll taste amazing; I get to decorate a tree WITH my husband (real trees are the only way to go. Sorry, but if you have a fake tree you may be a Nazi); I get to wear my adult-sized Christmas onesie because I'm just that cool; And, best of all, I get to drive cross-country with my familia, and have one of my 3 favorite brothers under my roof until we make it to California and are all under my parents' roof. Which comes after spending much time under In-N-Out's roof.


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