Monday, November 7, 2011

Put that in your google box and smoke it.

With the holidays around the corner, I know people are setting budgets and hitting sales so I thought I'd throw some more money-saving techniques atcha!

Before I throw a zillion links your way let me preface them by saying, in my very humble opinion, you should only do what interests you. I mean, if you snatch up these suggestions, but you mega-loathe life while you're making (or whatever the case may be) them they're not helpful! I, personally, like doing this stuff so I hope it helps at least one person :-)

I know "couponing" isn't everyone's deal, so I hope that these, most likely, household scenarios help somebody out! Couponing isn't the the only way to save cash-money!

One of my best assets has been the interwebs. Fo' shizzle up the spat, that's where I get my intel and that's what's helped us to save so much. With small changes, that have become second-nature, we're really seeing a difference that makes me like this stuff even more! So, moral of the story: Light up your google box.

Homemade fingerpaints

I blogged about this not long ago, but this is a sure cure for, I don't know, when you're living in Colorado and it snows and you don't even consider driving somewhere unless applicable in sustaining the life of the short person in your care. But, that's just spit-ballin'. Either way, it's totally adorable when they end up like this:

Think I've lost my marbles for letting him go paint-crazy inside? Well, I'm not so loca; the recipe is here and contains dish soap so it's very easy clean up!

This is probably, hands down, what has helped save the most: from-scratch cooking. That bag, which perches atop our fridge, is a 10 lb bag of flour that has made it possible for me to make these tasty dishes---->

Monkey bread
(I'll email you the recipe if you like!)

Blueberry scones

Blueberry Waffles

In addition to all the other food pictures, I get AT LEAST 4 batches of waffles from that one 10 lb bag of flour, which is 44 waffles (the entire circular waffle) or 176 mini-waffles (waffles that had been quartered). I haven't done the math versus frozen, store-bought, but I'm fairly positive this wins.

The bag cost $5ish.


Light, flaky biscuits

Pee Ess...I love feeding my boys this way because I know exactly what's traveling down their gullets; so much healthier!

Crust for my from-scratch apple pie (crust). This? TO. DIE. FOR. I have uber-luck on finding recipes online.

Google be my biatch

Cloth Wipe Solution

For all the madres and padres out there, this is cloth wipe solution (I make the first one). For those that are newbies to our bliggity-blog, we use cloth wipes with our cloth diapers; meaning, we spray this solution, which I make about once a month, onto cloth wipes, clean the fanny and wash them when we wash the cloth diapers. Never once have I had to run out to buy wipes, and that's what I prefer. I prefer to not be forced into needing more of something, ya feel me? If I'm running out of wipes I just wash the ones we've got.

Pee Ess...again----> All I did was buy $6 (I think) packs of washcloths at Target. Total, I probably have about 30 wipes, which is more than plenty. And, I can't even remember the last time I bought the ingredients to make the cloth wipe solution up there. That's how long it lasts!

Diaper Rash Oinment!

aka, Vegetable oil. I had a coupon, which is why I got the more expensive kind, but this more than makes its money back because I pour into a bowl to apply to Jake's hiney, should he be a little irritated on his captain's quarters, and can continue using it to cook. No need to run out and buy Desitin, or baby powder. Jake had a nasty flare up of diaper rash, so I googled natural remedies and this was one that works amazingly! Just apply directly to the skin! But, if cloth diapering, make sure you put some sort of barrier between the veggie-oiled booty and the diaper (we use the cloth wipes)!

Laundry Detergent

Honest to Grilled Cheesus, the first container was a little more than 3/4 of the way full. I started using it on August 30th (I'm not some sort of freaky Rain Main; I wrote the starting date down to see how long it would last) and I still have a couple loads before I even open the second one. That's over two months ago. Holla!

As with anything that, ultimately, saves you bundles, you buy the products up front, but they last forevah! In the interest of honesty, this is one of my lesser favorite things to make; I have to grate 8 bars of soap (that's the only hard part!), which isn't the coolest thing in my life, but it's so worth it. I take 30 minutes out of my day, every however many months!, make the detergent and then it's done. You guys, I imagine the rest of the detergent will get us through the end of the year which means those two containers of laundry detergent will have lasted four months! Did you just choke on your Cheerios? Because I think that's cooler than the flip side of my pillow!

Oh, and this stuff really works. It was first tested when, while getting ready for a bath, Jake had a shadoobie-related incident on our bath mat. Washed it with this detergent and there was no residue or smell whatsoever! Oh, the triumphs of motherhood....

Fabric Softener

Wait until you finish the bottle you've got now, make this, and then pour it into your, now-empty, bottle. Voila!

As you can probably guess, we already have the vinegar in the recipe, which I use in multiple aspects of the house, so I had to buy the conditioner, at $.90. Basically? Paid $.90 for my fabric softener! Can you beat that??

Making this stuff takes up almost no time and lasts forever and saves you more than you know!

Furniture Dusting Spray

I got this one from Pinterest, so here it is:
*2 tsp olive oil
*1/2 tsp lemon essential oil (which can be found at Whole Foods and Natural Grocers)
*1/4 c vinegar
*1 3/4 c water

(I double the recipe)

This is a new addition to our casa and so worth it! It smells very clean and does an amazing job! Leaves no residue behind and looks like you spent a pretty penny on some expensive name-brand!

All-purpose Cleaner

Hang onto your socks because I plan to knock 'em off: This is a cleaner I use for everything, from the kitchen to the bath tub to spills on the carpet. IT. WORKS. AMAZING.

It's equal parts water and vinegar (I can get 2 cups of each into the bottle--oh and the bottles I use for my homemade sprays can be picked up at Walgreen for, like, $1.29), plus a packet of lemon Kool-Aid! I got the generic packet, at Walmart, for something like $.15. Why the addition of lemon Kool-Aid? From what I've read, it kind of acts as an equivalent to how OxiClean boosts your laundry detergent. You can even throw a packet into your dishwasher to clean it out!

I know, in this super-stellar economy, nobody really needs to watch their wallet, but I thought I'd post some stuff we do that might help someone else ;-) I think these are great ideas, dontmindifuhdo, so I wanted to make sure to pay it forward so, hopefully, everyone can have the holiday season just as they imagined it!


Kelli MW said...

Awesome!!! I'm a big fan of using vinegar as a cleaning aide. Love. It. I'm totally soaking up the homemade laundry recipes too. Laundry supplies are SO frickin' spendy. Thanks for passing these along!

Becca said...

This post is totally amazing. I've heard of using vinegar to clean with but honestly, I hate the smell of it, so I bet the kool aid helps with that! Definitely going to try these, thanks for sharing!!