Sunday, December 4, 2011


Remember this post about the boy waking up at night and me, actually, enjoying it? Well, I meant every single word. Really, I did. But, it went on a few nights and on day 3 my patience was starting to wear thin. I knew he wasn't doing it on purpose, and I knew he wanted his sleep just as badly as we did, which is what made it easier for my patience to last during 3 days of sicky-boy and 3 nights of interrupted sleep.

On that third day, he had woken up multiple times during the night crying. But, he'd always put himself back to sleep. Poor kid was going through something. He was fighting it hardcore. But, unfortunately, he couldn't fight it quietly and we began our day at 5:30 AM.

I was sad. Totes.

But, ya's true that there's always a silver lining:

White roses are my very favorite :-)

My hubster? He's THEE MAN.

And, even though once we were up Jake was just fine, I kept busy because the lack of sleep could allow for things to become irritable real quick. Hence my latest triumph, from-scratch cinnamon rolls with homemade glaze!!---->

They'll be in the blog on Friday, loves :-)

As I made these cinnamon rolls, my little boy was running around in his feety jammies, playing with his cars, coming over for some love, all the while sounding Darth Vader-esque due to his labored breathing. Sickies aside, he sported that big smile and dimples and gave it the ol' college try!

So we rode the frick out of that.

We tentatively laid the boy down for nap at 10. A 10 am nap! Ludicrous. Ludicrous, I say! But, the silver lining kept on comin'....he was down for 3 hours and 45 minutes! I know. And, can I just say we deserved every single minute? Because it felt completely earned.

As the day wore on, we began realizing that, aside from the ungodly hour with which we began the day, this day was kicking all kinds of aces! So, post-nap we broke out the bathtub paints because that's how families party.

All it is, shaving cream and food coloring! Could not be easier!

I'm willing to bet there's nothing that can't be remedied by bathtub paints.

And, this little guy felt so much better the rest of the day :-)

And, that night he slept so incredibly soundly I, literally, don't think he even changed position the entire night. My little boy was back to normal.

Like a boss.

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Erin said...

Must try the bathtub paints! He is so stinking cute!