Tuesday, January 10, 2012

California, Part Dos


Seeing Christmas through the eyes of child who's really starting to get it makes the holiday so, so worth it. xo

Oh, and apparently, you're not supposed to ask for things like vacuums and dutch ovens for Christmas. I didn't receive that memo ;-) I got them, along with some super cool things like a Nook and Julia Child's cookbook etc, and am uber excited about it! What can I say, I'm a wima. Wife + mama.


Wake up! It's Christmas!

If that smile of pure joy and elation doesn't do it for you you might be dead inside.

No matter how old you are, on Christmas you have to wake up when it's dark out! It's a rule or something. Gary and I would still wake up early when it was just me and him!

The running joke about the boy is that he has hundreds of dollars in toys, but prefers things like straws and rubberbands. So, "Santa" brought him a pack of 100 straws in his stocking! haha :-)

How could the kid NOT have a Grinch-esque diaper is the actual question!

Don't you just want to chew on those thighs??

One of Colin's gifts was a Kinect, and one of those dance games, so here are our white boys gettin' down! Wait, I have a video of this. You all need to see it....

No  matter what is happening, Spongebob takes priority.

Jake's face sums it up, such a great day!!

Hope you guys had a great holiday, too!

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