Wednesday, January 11, 2012

California, Part Tres: Jake's first trip to Knott's Berry Farm

I realize a lot of people reading this are probably thinking, "WHISKEY. TANGO. FOXTROT. is a berry farm??"

Well, my west-coast challenged friends, it's an amusement park that I've loved, nearly literally, my entire life!  And, we made sure to get Jake one of my favorite tastes of California while we were there! 

This is what passes for pictures with my son. Uncool, kid.

My 3 brothers and the husband...who all waited 2ish hours to ride an incredibly fast roller coaster!

 Love these men!

Because we're totes awes, we did YMCA for the picture we got on the one and only Log Ride. Colin, my youngest brother who happens to be in front of me, underlined us ;-)

Love this kid! xo

Yep :-D 

My parents offered to take Jake around the park so Gary and I could go have some fun, just the two of us, so I attacked that offer like it was my dying wish! It was soo fun to hangout as a couple again!

While Gary and I hung out with my brothers, sans child, I got this picture of Supreme Scream, a ride that drops from 30 stories high in 3 seconds. It ROCKED.  MY. FACE. OFF.

California is just as pretty as it is expensive ;-)

A picture of the whole clan as soon as we got to the park! Colin's outreached hand is holding Woodstock, one of the staple characters of Knott's. Cute, right?!

It was such an amazing time! As much as I loved showing Jake something that I've loved for years, it was so, so fun to hangout with my husband and brothers and just, kind of, roam free. I'm sure the parents out there get it!

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