Monday, January 9, 2012

Electric Safari

The zoo in our area is uber awesome; not only does it give deep discounts for military, but it really knows how to do up the holidays right nice! Saturday night we took the nugget to Electric Safari because it's not really Christmastime until you get sensory overload from the amount of lights.

The area we drove through to get to the zoo gave us an "appetizer" of lights, so I had to snap some pictures from the truck. It was the best thing to see Jake really taking it all in:

Once we got to the zoo, we realized everyone had the exact same idea as us. So, I estimate we parked about 13 miles away from the front gates.

He's not super sure what to think about this cold situation!

Thankfully his mittens were all the distraction he needed ;-)

Mrs. Claus 
I'm sooo glad we had taken the boy to see Santa already (with only one family ahead of us!) because Santa at the zoo was a 30-45 minute wait!

This is a frog that I think looks a lot like something else 


I was super-pumped to see hippos! Obviously! 

This is what passes for mama-son pictures these days! We got Jake one of those million dollar light-up zoo toys, because you're not really parents until you've bought something plastic that is worth 25% of what you paid, and so that limited any possible interest in moi! Normally, I just leave him because he's so much more active now and don't want to force him to take pictures with, ya know...the woman who gave him life. No biggie. Anyway, I needed just one!

Beggars: they ain't choosers.

Happy little guy <3

All in all, a superamazing night! And, to top it off, our last weekend in Colorado before we're at
 the parents' house in California!

Have a great day, peeps!

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