Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The home tour

Finally, I get my shadoobie together, eh?? We've only lived here 4 months....

K, a couple things before we get down to it. We live in on-post housing. It's not big, it's not fancy. It's, as the numerous pieces of mail have pointed out, "for the convenience of the Army". That's just a douchetastic was of putting it, don't cha think??

Anyway, it's a littletiny space, for our littletiny family. It's intended to accommodate exactly what we need and nothing more. Thankfully, as an Army wife, I'm pretty rad at Tetris, so I figure out how to maximize things that can make us feel more like this is our home. Painting is out, for us, though. We have no idea how long we'll be here so I'm not going through the pain-in-the-tush ordeal of painting then having to paint it back. Ain't muh thang.

Secondly, I AM SO OVER OUR COUCHES. We've had them for pushing 5 years and I'm to the point where they make me want to punch a kitten. They limit the color palette, and thus my decorating capabilities, of our living room so much. And to think, when I first got the
m, while husband was deployed, everyone was pumped about them! Friends, fam', ME! But, ya know, they're still doing the job AND do not fall into the category of white-trash chic, so this mama's grateful :-)

So, between the small space and the less-than-desirable color scheme--I think we've still created something pretty homey, that doesn't make our guests run screaming into the other direction. Win!

So, here we go!


I love, love, LOVE this accent in the kitchen! It's a wood cake stand, painted kelly green and, as you can see, holds our hand soap and lotion. It's little things like that that make my day!

KitchenAid stand mixer. BEST. THING. EVER.

This may seem a bit floopy to include pictures inside our cabinets, but these are soooo much roomier than our on-post housing's at Fort Campbell; the ones there were unbelievably shallow. So, YAY!

This is a view from the middle of our kitchen, and that door is to the basement. It's my big-girl-panties wall; with some prayers and inspirational words and "Love" in Chinese, it's a nice reminder :-)

Also? Recycle.
We recycle more than we just toss stuff so that's why it's out in the open. I should paint it, Transformers'-status or somethign...

Downstairs bathroom.

We're headed toward potty training, hence the potty!

The view of our livingroomdiningroom (because that's how compact it is!) from the front door.

View from the stairs. + some pine cone-Christmas d├ęcor on the coffee table (I may, or may not, have taken this picture at Christmastime...) :-)

One of the projects I had going while Gary was away training! Don't you love?? It's a typical bookcase, but I used contact paper on the back! It's usually advised to use wallpaper in a project like this, but I wasn't going to go through that headache! And, it's just so cute! I love how it's different without being overwhelmingly so.

It's nearest the front door, which is why you don't see it in the "aerial" pictures of the living room.

Probably the smartest thing EVER.

Here's the skinny: There was new carpet when we moved in. So, if there is the slightest thing wrong with it when we move out, they'll nickle and dime us TO DEATH. Fo' sho. I mean, I'm talking, charging like $1,500 should they find anything wrong with it. See? Douchetastic. So, we got those carpet protectors from Sam's Club and put one under J's seat. I still think I'm a genius for coming up with that plan! ;-)

Not sure if you could see if from the "aerial" view, but I framed the "L" for our last name with a frame bought from Etsy, and an 'L' from Michael's painted with bronze paint. Don't you love? Plus, it's a great way to compliment the couch-induced red in the living room. I strive to not look matchy-matchy!

The upstairs bathroom.

OH KAY, is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen, babies included?



I painted a hanging spice rack a deep blue, to match the shower curtain (because, IMHO, you need to match something so detailed at least a little!) and then added while polka dots, which didn't photograph well!

The boy's room!

His wall of art work :-)

For these, I just picked up some cheap, $5 frames at Walmart and painted them. I took the frames apart, though, because I wanted to be able to change up what's being framed the more he creates! He loves to color :-)

He LOVES numbers in a ridiculouscute kinda way, so I'm happy we get to practice counting with these all the time!

For the picture below, I picked up all these wall letters at Michaels, who would've guessed I'd be able to pick up all 26 at once?!, painted them, and hung them via mounting tape. That stuff can seriously hold! When I finished them and got them all hung my man, J-Bone, got the biggest kick out of them! I love how they add to his room!

Not to mention, the spectrum of decorating a boys room is significantly limited because, well, he's a boy, but also because this isn't our house! But, I still think we've done a lot with a little :-)

There are few things cuter than a monkey decal! Plusalso? They remove very easily!

This is our upstairs, hall closet. AGAIN. Literally twice as big as the one at Campbell.!

Family wall (it looks like it's just my tiny familia, but it's not!) between mine and J's room.

Where the magic happens....our room :-D

I knew I wanted to do our first initials next to our respective sides of the bed, but I needed it to be different. I had considered doing it whimsical and romantic, but, to me, that meant doing them in similar green colors to the rest of the room and I really didn't want it to look like I was obsessed with green! So, I didn't something a little different that pops, yet complements, in the room.

The door to the left of the clock is a big, awkward room. It's carpeted, with no indication that things should be hung inside. So, we turned it into my our shoe closet and office.

All the proof I have is of our shoes....sorry :-/ And, my hanging gym clothes.

The room is just awkward.

This is the room to the right of the clock. Again, a weird little space, so we hung a tension rod to make it Gary's military closet.

Gary got me this for last year's Mother's Day and I love it so, so much xo

Not really sure why I decided to include this pic at this point in the post, but here it is! This is the coat closet in the living room which also keeps some of Jake's toys. Grateful for any amount of space they'll give us!

And, finally, for the place I am sure I will catch my death: The Basement.

Basements are straight-up creep status.

At the time I took this picture, Santa had to drop the cardboard box off early ;-)

I'm no extreme couponer, but this is a stash I've built that works out quite nicely! It's literally like shopping in your house! Any time we need something we just run downstairs!

Left to right: hair spray, candles, 5 tubes toothpaste, a million bars of soap, probably 15 deodorants, 10ish hand sanitizers, contact solution, shave gel, razors.

12ish body lotions, 5 shampoos, 6-7 conditioners, J's body wash, Gary's shampoos.

Cheerios, 2 cans mac n cheese (there were a million cans when I first took the photo!), Healthy Choice soups, 2 dish soaps, 12 sponges.

Pasta, soda, juice, soda

I am wayyyy too excited about the folding station! Inside the cabinets I keep my laundry detergent and fabric softener and whatever else laundry-related. The little guy next to the dryer is our cloth diaper pail. You DO NOT want to keep something like that in your actual house!

J's play area while mama does laundry. Comes in pretty handy!

Although, I'm pretty sure I'll die here, I'm soo grateful for the space of the basement!

So, that's it, party people! That's the LaMay casa! And, the upside to not being able to do exactly what I want with the house is that it allows me to whittle down what I want the house we buy to look like. So, I'm pretty ecstatic about that! Either way, we've got a roof over our heads and that is something for which I'm so, so grateful.

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