Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm going to miss days like this

With all this moving 1,100 miles, getting situated, and the holidays we, inadvertently, pushed the possibility of a 4th deployment to the back-burner and focused on the changes that were right in front of us. Now, deployment isn't very far off and it's making me realize that we're at that place again.

The one where we make our Pre-Deployment Bucket List and give an extra hug everyday; the one where we slip in an extra 'I love you' and give that knowing look of, 'let's find our big-girl (& guy) undies'.

But, it's all part of the SOP for us and I'm sure the time will go by fast :-)

But, it makes these kind of Sunday mornings all the more meaningful:

I absolutely adore being able to look over at this hunk of handsome man while I cut my coupons. And, then look to my immediate right and see my favorite little man coloring me up some masterpieces.

And, then we can build forts and wear out daddy :-)

Deployment #4 here we come: Challenge Accepted.

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Daily Dose of Dahl said...

awww. Love and hugs girl!