Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Look, ma, a real boy!

After last week's straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back-tear-fest-extravaganza, I was beyond elated the next morning when, picking up from his crib in the morning, smiled that smile where I knew we were headed right back on track.

But, it didn't mean I didn't stop imagining him as The Exorcist.

We (me and the hubster) spent the next few days mentally preparing for a throw-down with the boy at any moment, yet acting as normally as possible on the outside. So, I went on my usual solo Saturday morning outing (and got $130ish worth of stuff at Old Navy for $37...HOLLA!), came back and was that much closer to realizing our tough couple weeks were over and that we no longer had to anticipate massive implosion from the apple of our eye.

But, the day I really started liking him again (hey, you know the mantra: I'll always love you, but I don't have to like you...) was the following Monday when I took him to get his haircut.

We let his hair get a little longer because it looked uber cute on him, and because it helped him have serious game with the Kindermusik chicks , but it started getting to the point where it was looking pretty scraggly. I found a place specifically for kids and we headed right over.

Jake loved it from the get-go:

He put this truck down and, quite a few minutes later, another boy Jake's age came and tried to play with it so, naturally, Jake wanted it back. I said, "No, sir. We don't take things out of people's hands" He handed it right back, with a touch of sideeye for the other boy, and I almost cried. True Story.

This Jake's face when he's thinking, "Mama, I'm trying to smile, but I MUST. TOUCH. THE. SCISSORS."

Instantly, he's a 5 year old.

He did want to touch everything, but, otherwise, he handled everything like the complete champ I know my boy to be. It's not even his first hair-cutting experience, but at this age, where he wants to have his input in everything, I'm so proud that he went with the flow. So, we celebrated with his first-ever sucker and a date at Starbucks. Just what this mama needed :-) --->

(And yes, Uncle Kevin, he, voluntarily, stopped eating his chocolate chip cookie and opted for his milk instead....)

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