Friday, February 24, 2012

Me love you long time. the phrase Jake will, one day, say aloud about his relationship with fruits and veggies.

Before we kick this off, can I just say that I've been up since FIVE A.M. to get dinner going in the slow cooker?It's a new recipe, so I always make it the way I am directed and it takes a total of 12 hours to cook and our dinner's at 6.. But, I deserve some sort of extra points, or praise, or shoes. Something. So, if I become any degree of incoherent it's an occupational hazard. Totes.

I've gotten a lot of questions lately as to how I fed/still feed my main mini man, Jake, so I thought I'd answer everyone at once! First, I think it's important to remember nothing, N-O-T-H-I-N-G, has to be done perfectly. Just do whatever you can, whatever you can afford, and whatever your wee human needs and then BOOM you're bombdotcom.

More important than that? Valentine's cupcakes. Obvio.

My plan was to make red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and frosted sugar cookies cut out in the shapes of hearts. But, Jake woke up not feeling well so I accomplished half that plan. The kid has never, technically, been sick (as in, anytime he has a snot faucet it's all clear), but he woke up not feeling super. Whatever it was made him just need mama cuddles. So, I finished the cupcakes between bouts of cuddles. The day could've been worse, fo sho.

I made Paula Deen's cupcakes and frosting because, well, go big or go home. And then? Buy butter in pounds.

The cupcakes could've been more aesthetically pleasing if I wasn't running back and forth between the couch and kitchen to love on my boy yet love on the husband ;-) See what I did there? Cupcakes are love for my husband. But, I digress.

But, another big stand I take on cooking/baking? Yes, I do love for the meal to look appealing, but, if it doesn't, who gives a shadoobie? As long as it tastes like a sliver of Heaven, get on with your bad self. Shove it in your gullet and be happy. I should write inspirational novellas.

So, we enjoyed a food-fest, but Gary took the rest of the cupcakes to work because a diet of cupcakes is not sexy. Not even a little bit. But, they were a HUGE hit. Husband made sure to say the only thing not made from scratch was the sprinkles. REPRESENT.

People, in particular, loved the frosting. I, on the other hand, tried to like it. I tried hard. I just don't love cream cheese frosting. But, it was very smooth, and not-overwhelmingly sweet, so it was pretty perfect if that's your deal.

Oh, and one Mrs. Deen went big. I, literally, threw out half the frosting. That's how much the recipe made.

Onto how I feed Jake:

People seem to be under the impression that I feed J completely organically. I wish. I really do. But, the sad truth is it's just too expensive. So, I feed him as healthily as I can and count it as a win. I think, not only does his 91st percentile standing speak for what his insides look like, but his skin is just beautiful (I mean, manly and Chuck-Norris-like...) and his hair is so soft. We, nearly literally, get compliments on those things almost every time we're out. I firmly believe all the fresh vitamins he gets are the culprits.

Pee to the Ess...I used to know someone who was pretty extreme in their food choices. She always referred to the way her family did stuff as the "right" way, rather than just their personal choices. You'll never find that here. I'm better than no one. I just do what my family needs. So, take what you want from this and adapt however you like :-)

I began making J's applesauce when, after making a batch of pancakes for him to have for breakfast post-weaning, I realized how manufactured syrup was. There's soo much stuff in it! Or, you can get organic syrup and pay $5 for no more than 10 oz. I just couldn't justify it. So, I began topping his pancakes, and now waffles, with applesauce.

I keep the skin on because skins of fruits and veggies usually contain some good stuff. It gets blended up anyway.

I got this baby food steamer on Amazon for $50 when Jake was beginning solids at 6 months. You throw in some water, steam, then blend, all in one station.

I also got these ice cube trays on amazon. Once your fruit or veggie is cooled, following the blending, spoon into the trays and pop in the freezer.

You can do this with anything. When we began fitting solids into his day, I've made mangos, green beans, kiwi, avocado & bananas (which don't need to be steam, but you can still mash them and put them into the ice cube trays), sweet potatoes etc all this way. This way he was eating completely fresh foods with zero additives. And, I think that's a HUGE reason J prefers fresh tastes. Not to say he doesn't have fries, or chicken nuggets, or other stuff when we're out, but he prefers fresh tastes. He's, literally, chosen brussel sprouts over a bite of brownie. I love that! Oh, and I only made his baby food, at most, once a week!

Note--I don't know if this is something I've forgotten, or didn't know, or what, but try to not microwave the stuff you make. Microwaves kill all nutrients in food. So, even now, I'll take 4 cubes of applesauce out of the fridge at night and put them into Gerber bowls, that have lids, and let them set out overnight so when I toast his morning, pre-made waffles, the heat from the toaster heats up the applesauce. Voila. All kinds of nutrients kept in the food!

Oh, and if you eat leftovers as much as our tiny family does, try to opt away from the microwave also. Reheat food in the pan with butter or chicken stock, or the like :-)

How J snacks:

The way he naps, he eats breakfast, pre-nap snack, post-nap snack, and dinner. But, I, kinda, got into a rut with what I was giving him for snack. So, I had to nerd-out and make a list of snacks so that I'd be more aware of what he was having.

Some of his snacks include:
-cut-up strawberries, Greek yogurt (organic if possible. Greek yogurt is one of the best things you can feed short ones!), and organic milk (he usually has regular milk, but his little milk carton up there was on sale :-) )

-cut-up avocado and cut-up cheddar cheese squares

-half an apple butter-peanut butter sandwich

-goldfish and 'nana

And, this is what his dinners, typically, look like. Homemade sweet potatoes, veggies, and salmon. Salmon is AMAZING for kiddies, too! I'm happy he doesn't opt for fried and/or greasy stuff now because that's all he'll want when he's a teenager! Not to mention, using food as a source of vitamins is a natural way to get your kids what they need :-)

So, I hope that answers everyone's questions!

And, just like Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy, remember that nothing needs to be done a particular way, or like anyone else. You're doing it perfectly already because you're putting in the effort!

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