Monday, February 27, 2012

My beautiful little weirdo.

This kid we call ours is just a laugh a minute. I just can't deal.

Before I get into his weird idiosyncrasies, can I just say how cool he is? He's, kind of, thee. coolest. He's just flourishing in Kindermusik.He loves people and walks up and hangs out with other moms, and their kid(s), during class, and then just moves on with his little toddler brain. It's such a kick-in-the-pants good time. One mom actually said to me, while he was running around shrieking from his mind-blowing excitement, "He's such a sweetheart; he has such a good spirit"


But, after a tiny bout with trial and error, we found a church we just love and Jake has also been kicking aces in his Sunday School class! First, his class is for 2-3 year olds and they're called...wait for it...the Honeybees. Did you just die of cuteness?! As you guys know, he's not a sibling, and he's not a daycare-goer, so it was a big, big deal to leave him with someone else other than family or close friends. But, as you guys also know he's the George Clooney of toddlers and handles himself like a total boss. We sign him in, once we get to church, and walk him over, holding hands, to class and he runs in and doesn't look back. We say our goodbyes to him and he's like, "Dueces!" There's never a second's hesitation. So proud of my little Honeybee!

We, like creepyparentstalkers, peeked in the window of the other door to his class and he walked up to a little girl who had a sippy and, with outstretched arms, seemed to ask, "I can have this?" The girl freaked out and pulled her sippy in close. Jake handled it all in stride and was like, "Kfine, there's other toys here" Even though once in a great while we have a small time frame of parenting Hell on Earth, it is unbelievably, undeniably, uber outweighed by these times. I am so, so proud of the way in which he conducts himself. And, when I can watch it as an "outsider" and witness him handle himself far beyond his years and with an amount of grace you don't really expect in this age, I could just cry.

So, my boy is still a little weird.
As Miss Lisa, Jake's Kindermusik teacher, reminds all us moms during class, kids at this age tend to be very specific. They like to see things a certain way and make sure it happens, just glad my boy is so sweet about it! Jake spends a lot of time lining things up, making comparisons between various items, and making sure they fit into whatever pattern he has going on in his brain. And, what I love the most is that Jake talks when he wants. He said his first word at 13 months and was never like, "I can talk now, I'll NEVER stop" He's very much a thinker. Everyone who's spent time with him comments on how calculating and thoughtful he is. It's so obvious that his wheels be turnin'. So, now it's really very interesting to see what he's putting together and creating because it's all very purposeful. But, he's still kind of weird. Have you looked at that toilet paper picture?

Oh, and the curtains can never have their little cinching tassels on them. They MUST be taken down.

The dishwashing detergent and dish soap cannot remain in the cabinet. Too mainstream.

He has to oversee that everything lines up in a particular order, whatever that may be, and then he catalogs their differences.
Without fail, every single morning, we come down the stairs for breakfast and he HAS to push the books to lean the other direction. I mean, not to say he's crazy about this stuff, he's sweet and happy about his little particular-adventures, but it cracks. me. up. to watch.

He pays no attention to his abundance of toy; he prefers the oven. Obviously.

That's him. My beautiful little weirdo xxoo

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So Very Domestic said...

Loooooove what a weirdo he is! They're all weirdos in their own way, but Daphne and Jake seem to have that 'line things up just so but don't let the books look neat' habit. Looove it!!

I wonder what they'll do when they MEET each other?!