Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things I'd like to tell to jump in a lake.

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I've hit the wall.

I've been doing all the right stuff, food-wise. Keeping calories in line, eating the right foods, using those foods because of the great vitamins they give the baby....

yadda yadda effing yadda.

After eating all this healthy crap---->

salmon, spinach, sweet potatoes

eggs, steamed broccoli, sweet potatoes

Snack: Cut-up avocado and Sun Chips

Breakfast: yogurt, granola, strawberries, blueberries which I always have with a glass of coconut milk

...I'm officially over it.

I wanted to make sure, in case my occasional nausea blows up into full-on morning sickness, I get some great stuff in me. But, and just like when I hit this couple week streak with J, I've hit a point where I don't want any of that crap. Not to mention, I don't want any of the food I take the time to plan out for my grocery lists. Food from inside our house is stupid.

This is my problem. Terrible, I know. Even when Gary was in AZ, admittedly, I'd cry if the sky wasn't the right shade of blue (thanks, hormones!), but otherwise I felt very calm and relaxed and happy. Things were good. Totes. But, this food thing is throwing off my equilibrium. It's serious.

You see, I know that you're supposed to watch your calories to keep how much you gain in line. I know you're supposed to keep working out so you can have the strength to get through labor & delivery, and so you can bounce back more easily postpartum. I know the foods you choose matter because of the great vitamins and antioxidants.

:::Ross-Style flip off to knowledge:::

I don't give a tiny rat's patootie about all that crap.

Ya see, I'm eating so fresh and healthily I think my body's revolting. I "gave in" the other day, while making J's 1/2 grilled cheese for his snack, and ate the other half. It was crispy and gooey and a party in my mouth.

For sure, I made sounds only meant for nighttime.

Is it a big deal that I ate half of the most delicious grilled cheese known to mankind? No. But, know what this preggysaurus wants to do? Eat 2 of them, at every meal, until I start showing and my stomach is square-shaped. Is that too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask that, instead of getting a workout in while J naps, I burn my workout gear and eat my absolutely favorite snack right now?----->
OH EM GEE, don't even get me started.

I made Caesar dressing for our spinach wraps for dinner. As I was making it, I was munching on the fishies because I was nauseous. The family of dippers that we are, the idea came to me to dip the fishies in the dressing and it was orgasmic. I swear on Dora.

I asked Gary to try it to see if I was being a crazy baby-maker, or if it really is legit. He said a little of both, whereas J loved it like I did. Jury's still out. My love of the snack doesn't count; another non-pregnant set of taste buds needs to break the tie.

I'd be the happiest chickita banana on the planet if I didn't know stuff. Ignorance is totally bliss. I, literally, tell the the workout I'm about to do during naptime to, "Shutup". I'm throwing a pity party as I walk upstairs to change for said workout because I know I have to do it because, & I'm even mocking my own voice right now, "You're always happy you did it. It'll make you feel better. Endorphins rocks the house"

I'm just a weiner.

But the bright side of the past week of food-workout conundrum?

I bought the first baby item of this pregnancy!!!

please TRY to ignore our weird, 80s-style wall in the background. That's on-post housing, for ya

I scored a Baby Trend Snap n Go for $20 from a fellow Army wife!!!! ::: hammer time :::

I'm so totally happy with it, too! It's sooo lightweight and way durable. Jake, my 35ish lb near 2 1/2 year old who is in the 92nd percentile, climbed onto it and the thing didn't even budge. With so much weight on one side, making it very uneven, none of the wheels left the ground and J was always completely stable. Love it!

And, it's a good thing I can find the few baby items we do need for cheap because I may be spending our baby cash stash to keep from double-fisting fishies and taking a straw to Caesar dressing.

Monday, March 26, 2012

My main squeeze.

The husband got back from his 2 week training in AZ on Saturday, just in time for his birthday the following day :-) When you're a military family, it's a pretty big deal to be able to spend any birthday, or holiday, together so we were pretty pumped!

We started our Sunday off with church followed by a very tasty lunch at Red Robin. Even though I had planned an uber delicious dinner spread, it was still nice to eat out together again!

We got home, put the boy down for his nap, changed into comfy clothes, and camped out on the couch for movies. It was so simple, yet unbelievably fab'. It was so nice to do absolutely nothing, but hang out. And, it meant even more because, with deployment coming up, it's not like we have oodles of time to enjoy lazy Sunday afternoons.

It was perfection.

Gary's birthday dinner plan was this: appetizer--spinach & artichoke dip, main course--chicken, shredded cheese, avocado, homemade caesar all within spinach wraps, dessert--homemade birthday cake. We ended up skipping the main course because we were too full! But the wraps will be on the blog this Friday :-)

Cheesy Spinach & Artichoke Dip
(per the uje, under the Recipes tab!)

I added a tiny bit of extra garlic because we dig it.

So, you're supposed to use shredded parmesan, which I didn't realize until 10 minutes ago when I typed out the recipe for the Recipes tab. Eh...didn't matter anyway! It's still delish!

Artichokes are so nasty and not the best smelling when you have a super-sonic-pregnant nose, but I would never omit them from this recipe!

I'm not going to lie to you, once you scrape it into your baking dish it's pretty tough to not eat it cold. But, it's totally worth the wait to bake it.

While the dip was baking, I made pita bread chips...and they're the simplest thing in the universe. Cut up pita bread, place on baking sheet, brush with olive oil, and season with oregano. Put into the oven for as long as you want...the longer the more chip-like they are. I used the heat from the dip and cooked them about 20 minutes to make them crispy. Total taste-bud party.

Post-baking, the only reason I moved them to this dish because it's undeniably adorable. About $8 at TJ Maxx!

So warm and cheesy and fabulous. Although the idea of food right now, pretty much, makes me want to vom all over town, it's still really good!

I made the cake batter (I never add the shortening from that recipe) and divided it into separate bowls to make it a colorful cake!

Unfortunately, when I was picking up the ingredients before husband got home, the google box on my phone wouldn't work at the commissary so the frosting is store-bought, but here's the recipe I would've used.

All in all, a great day we were so grateful to be able to spend together. J could not have been happier to have his daddy home :-) And, we've had our last birthdays as parents of one :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Holy Crap.

Yesterday, I made my first baby doctor appointment!

But, as soon as I got off the phone, as excited as I felt, there was a bit of anxiety and I figured out why. We've been thinking about fresh, full-of-baby-smell, squishy little person for even longer than the four months we'd been trying, but yesterday it sank in....the husband won't be here for the birth of our Littlest.

A couple months ago when we first found out the husband was deploying for the 400th time, Gary said it was up to me if we were going to keep trying; that I'd be the one home with two babies by myself for a while so the ball was all up in my court. I, in my bring it, biatch-challenge mentality was confident I could handle the challenge so I responded, "Knock me up!" He laughed. And, then he did.

Gary doesn't come home from training until this weekend, so yesterday we were on the phone and I said how, at first, I thought about being pregnant and giving birth without him was part of the job description of the Army wife. We're supposed to hold down the homestead, produce babies, handle chores on sick days, yadda yadda yadda all on our own during deployment. It's what's expected of us and I would, without doubt, rise to the occasion.

And, I don't doubt that I can, shit...have done, do all that's expected of me. And, I'm sure family will come out for the birth of our Littlest and help with recovery (I assume there's a strong possibility of needing another c-section...although, I hope to avoid that!). But it made me sad that he won't be here. He's my rock.

We already have the plan that he'll call and I'll tell him that we have a new little boy, or little girl, and it'll make for one very special phone call. That the THREE of us will go to his welcome home ceremony and I'll introduce him to his second child. All of that will be some serious memories made and moments I could never regret if I tried. We were just spoiled to have him home for the entire pregnancy of our main man, J-Bone, as well as the first 8 1/2 months of his life.

But, I guess it's better I let this sink in now than in my 3rd trimester!

OK, that was seriously cathartic.

But, it's also extremely possible that the only reason I felt any small bit of anxiety was because I need mediterranean food and mac n' cheese (not together) in ways, I'm sure, no one on the planet can fathom.

Cravings, yo.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

We're on the clock.

This has been one of the best weeks ever.

I think it's a combo of the weather and how much more special everything seems when you're looking through new eyes.

Although we still have a ways to go, our days are numbered as Mama & Boy: The couple and this week has definitely reflected that. Things have seemed so calm and much more warm between the two of us, like an unspoken acknowledgment that we both think the other is pretty bombdotcom. And, that has, pretty much, kicked aces all over this week. Feeling purty blessed :-)

We've had the most gorgeous weather. It's been hanging around the 70s so far this week so we've been able to be outside a lot where the boy gets to roll around in the dirt like he so loves ;-) He really is a boy. Fo' sho.

It's actually been so nice the only laundry I've had to use the dryer for were the nighttime doublers for J's diapers, because I needed them that night! Otherwise, I've gotten to put everything out on the line :-)

One of the greatest things about having a boy is his ensemble in these pics. He had come home from hourly care that day I told you about and I changed him into comfy jammie pants for his nap, but left the shirt on he wore that day. He's a boy so it didn't count as a fashion faux pas ;-) The playground's right next to our house anyway!
Toddler essentials: shades, milk, fishies

He likes to pile dirt and rocks on his leg just to knock them off. I mean, who wouldn't?! ;-)

Such a good sharer!

I am so very, very proud of his newfound love of sharing. That day he went to hourly care, he picked up a toy and took it to a little girl, 1ish, because he thought she'd like it. What has two thumbs and will make a righteous big brother one day? That guy ^

Love this boy!

You guys might have heard, we're having another tiny person in 9ish months ;-D But, it just makes Jake seem so much more mature, like he's a grown ass man. Just ask for the keys, why dontcha, kid??

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Michelin Man Status.

With Gary deploying this year, we've been trying to figure out if we'll be able to go back to California for a visit during his pre-deployment block leave. But, with gas prices on the rise, per the uje, we were looking into flying.

But, then I remembered I'm pregnant. And, I will never fly while pregnant again.

Back in 2009, we flew back to CA for our baby shower. We were so excited to see everyone and I was so excited to be around all our old peeps all bumptastic-like. HOWEVER, for the first time in the 6 months of the pregnancy I was swollen all over like I had been stung by about a million bees. And, of course, like I was allergic to those bees.

Seriously. Never a drippity-drop of swelling, yet I felt myself inflating while on the plane. Literally. I felt my calves become swollen, and my ring become tighter. And, I was in complete, and total, denial. "Maybe it'll go away in 24 hours in time for the shower...", "Maybe if I drink a load of water I'll pee it away..."


And, unfortunately, there's always those handful of family members and/or friends that are not exempt from commenting on another's pregnancy. I wanted to wear a sign that read, "It's from the plane. I. SWEAR. Stop looking at me"

And, OBVIOUSLY, we got home 2 days later and it was gone another 2 days after that. After realizing that, inhaling water, and laying around with my feet up, I probably cried. Everyone should have flown to me out in Tennessee so I didn't have to blow up for 4 whole days while I saw everyone I've known my whole life.

I mean, I was creating life and everything....

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Me Day

Today, I had a Me Day, and there wasn't a husband, or a family member, in sight. It was a trip.

A couple weeks ago, I made sure to enroll Jake with the post so when Gary's deployed I have somewhere I can take Jake should it come to that. Well, today was Jake's first time in hourly care. And, there were tears.

Mine, to be exact.

The FCC provider we went to was based on the recommendation of a friend of mine, and someone whose opinion I trust/value. We pulled up to Miss Sam's house and Jake was ready to roll! He was a little tired because it was 9 am, but we walked in the door holding hands and he pulled me right in. He needed to do work.

Jake was fine. He's a social little nugget so being in new places doesn't really faze him. But, he will approach things a little more slowly than if they were familiar. S.O.P. for a toddler, right??

So, I take off for 3 hours of Me, with my plans still not even finalized. I don't even get to the end of the street when I start crying. And, of course, my stupid phone was dying, and Gary took the car charger with him to his training in Arizona, so I was without a lifeline. I had to (wo)man up all on my own! Uncool.

To be clear, it wasn't that I had a moment's hesitation about where I was leaving him, or else I wouldn't have left him. It was that, he's my little baby! It just seems like such a grown-up thing to do to be left somewhere, amiright?? But, we (I) needed to get our (my) feet wet because Gary deploys and I have all my baby doctor (!!!!!!!) appointments.

So, even though I reallllllly missed my little man, I made sure to enjoy this time. It's important to empty your cup before you're sure it needs emptying!

I stopped by Sam's Club to get ridic quantities of healthy food for my tiny one in production.

And, thrifted it up right nice at Once Upon a Child for my Biggest! 4 pairs of shorts and sunglasses, because he's one cool cat, for just under $16!

I was looking at little girl stuff because you guys? There's a 50/50 shot I'm growing a little girl! That was an intense realization. Ya know how you don't feel pregnant at first? Well, it's sinking in more and more that we've been blessed with something we've wanted for such a long time and we really are having a baby! The only thing about Littlest being a 2.0? You, roughly, have what you need! I need to shop, people! Unfair... but in such a way rad way <3

And, then it was time for a pedicure. I was chomping at the bit to pick up my little squeeze, but it was very nice to be pampered! No one else was there until I was leaving, so it was uber relaxing, and my feet are all Spring-y! It's the simple things, yo.

But, my favorite part? When the guy doing my pedicure farted, out loud, and didn't even bat an eye. Way to own it, my man.

I was so excited to see Jake, when I picked him up at noon, but he was excited about where he was. He was playing with the other kids, and the toys, and didn't run to me like a bat out of H-E double hockey sticks....which is always good!

Hope you all had/are having a good Monday! xo

Friday, March 9, 2012

Make this.

The return of the food posts! I plan to keep these up as long as I don't have any aversions :-) I didn't have morning sickness with my Biggest, so maybe the stars will align to let it skip me this time, too??

Oh, & so, AGAIN there's no fashion in the fashion & foodie posts. But, I cannot wait until baby starts showing!! We may end up having no food in these posts come that time!

There's this grocery store I go to because they have great deals, and this post is completely sponsored by that shopping trip! Although I had already spent the grocery budget for that month, they had a GREAT sale on meats. So, even though I went over budget, it made more sense to buy because you save more in the long-run! I stocked our freezer with chicken, and spareribs, and roast. I won't have to buy meat again until April, if my meal plan calls for it.

& don't forget, fellow foodies, all the recipes I post will be found under the Recipes tab!

This recipe was designed for two, with no leftovers. So, I doubled it to get all the work out of the way in one sitting. When we have it as leftovers, I'll reheat in a little bit of butter, or chicken broth or stock to keep all those nutrients. Gotta be as healthy as possible since there's a beautiful little babe growing in me :-)

Since there's always a veggie with dinner, I steamed some green beans. That's probably 3/4 of a pound and all you do is fill up a skillet with, roughly, an inch of water, set your steaming basket inside, throw in your veggies and done! I added a little salt and some pepper, I think I even threw in some oregano. Turn the heat on super low and cover. This way, the side dish is cooking slowly and you can aim your attention at the main course :-)

These chicken have been dipped in the egg, rolled around in the breadcrumbs and are ready to go! While they were doing their first round in the oven, I made the sauce. Gary walked in the door, smelled everything cooking, and salivated :-)

Once the chicken is finished cooking, for the first time, pour half the sauce inside your baking dish and top with chicken. They cover with remaining sauce and cheeses:

Ohh, it's so good! It's officially in the rotation ;-)
(Oh, & I always show the husband's plate. My 6'3" hunk of man, who works out twice a day, gets fed pretty well, if I don't say so muhself!)

And the best part? It's cheap! It cost, approximately, $17 for the ingredients yet we'll eat it over 3 nights. That makes each dinner $5.67!! Who hates that??

I've mentioned before that I grew up a meat n potatoes girl. There was an abundance of testosterone in the childhood house so I not only know my way around a grill, I have an appreciation for a well-cooked piece of meat. But, it's just too expensive for me to run out and pick up slabs of meat like my madre did. Thank goodness for that sale! I picked up 4 1/2 lbs of pork spareribs for dirt cheap! I served this with alfredo pasta and steamed broccoli and it'll last 4 nights, making the dinner about $5.50 a night. Proud!

All I did was season it, cut it in half, because it was too long for my slow cooker, throw some BBQ sauce in there (these bottles were also part of the sale, .89 each! And, I used 3 not 4 for this meal) and set it on low for 7 1/2 hours. The smells all day were too much to take :-)

By the time dinner rolled around it was falling off the bone!

&, the next day for lunch, Gary got to have a shredded rib sandwich!

Personally, I didn't like this dish; it has too much kick for me. Of course, anyone else without such a spice-hating palate would dig it; I know my boys did! It's a good thing our boy got his daddy's taste buds!

Please ignore the steam, I couldn't wait 10 minutes to take the picture apparently....

&, of course, served with homemade cornbread muffins! Doiy.

Top with shredded cheese and be comforted!

This meal was so intensely good I'm not even sure which adjectives to use. True Story.

I could not believe I got up at 5 am to get this in the slow cooker, since it takes a total of 12 hours to cook. But, I'll be up at all hours by the end of the year with nighttime feedings, huh? SQUEEEEEE!!!!! I'm pregnant!!!!! I may, or may not, shriek that fact for the next 9 months :-D

I went in to take the meat out for shredding, and it was just falling apart. So, so tender and sooo flavorful. Saliva just, literally, filled my mouth. Get in muh belleh!!

I served atop linguine, because I was out of my first choice-rice, but it was still just unbelievable. Totes. Next time, though, I'll serve either on top of rice or chips (homemade, le duh) for nachos!

And, I think I'm going to have to do a preggysaurus-food post! I'm taking such intense joy in the way I'm eating lately I can't even deal. So healthy! You're welcome, Littlest ;-) <3