Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm pregnant the same time as Snooki. Outstanding.

I'm so, so blessed, and grateful, to be able to have the opportunity to grow a wee human again :-) It just transforms things in such an incredible way. Yesterday, I walked around looking like I slept with a hanger in my mouth; the smile could not be wiped from my face!

Before I go another word further, I have to throw some shout-outs. To my wonderful friends, Amy, Whitney, and May-Day, who have been there from day one of this 4-month extravaganza to get pregnant; who have listened to my aches and hopes and maybe-that-was-somethings; who have shared with me their prayers and positive vibes. You are all amazing! I could not have made it here without you bombdotcom ladies and our incessant messaging!

Yeah, so, it did take four months to get here! Can you guys wrap your heads around how eternity-like that is when you get pregnant the first time the very first time you tried?? Oh, it was hard. Of course, those fancy hindsight-goggles seem like it went by in a flash now!

During the past four months, I analyzed my body. Anything I felt I'd text one of my Charlie's Angels up there and say something like, "I'm nauseous, I hope that means something!" Completely forgetting that I had skipped a meal which resulted in the nausea. Or, "my boobs felt/look like ___....HOPE HOPE HOPE!", completely ignoring that that was a common thing for me within my cycle, but it always went unnoticed since we hadn't been trying. It was all in innocence, and all with the best intentions, but muh girls never stopped hoping the good hope right along with me :-)

Now, my favorite part: Cycle Numero Four.
Gary and I are BIG on gut instincts. We never underestimate how much the mind can eff things up. As soon as we began trying this cycle I knew it. Somewhere within my bones, I knew it. Every once in a while my stomach (not uterus) would cramp out of nerves and I'd just let it pass, gun-shy. Or my nips would tingle and, again, I'd let it pass, gun-shy. But, my FAVORITE two days occurred this past weekend.

Jake was having a shadoobie-fest over here. We have no clue what caused it, but this kid's hiney would just destroy diapers. I was constantly washing diapers; I was constantly doing laundry; I was constantly cleaning up the innocent bystanders of his explosions, like the carpet. From Wednesday morning 'til this past Sunday, I, literally, probably did 20 loads of laundry. I was so sick of shit it wasn't even funny. So, Gary sent me out.

I stopped and got a Sam's Club hotdog because obviously. Then, decided to go to Target for some carpet cleaner---my homemade remedies weren't handling the nuclear-like situation in my house. You guys, I was drawn to the baby section. It was a feeling like I just needed to be around that stuff. I walk over and see the breastfeeding supplies I know so well, the little tiny bouncers, the ridiculously cute and tiny onesies and I got those anxious-stomach-crampies again. I entertained the thought, "Am I here again? Are we really having another baby? Did we finally get our little miracle?", but quickly pushed it out of my mind because we'd been burned for more than a few months. As much as I pushed the idea of out my mind, I knew within my bones that my period was not coming. I could feel it. And, not like the maybes of the previous months. It was staunch. I mean, if you would've had me swear on a stack of Bibles I wouldn't have hesitated. Mama just knew :-)

My buddy, Erin, would ask if I was starting to get bitter seeing pregnant women around town and the answer was always a, "Negatory, Morning Glory". And, that was an honest answer. I knew our time would come (even though when the 3rd cycle didn't pan out I halfheartedly joked as I threw my hands in the air saying, "That's it! I'm barren!"). But, during my time in the baby section of Target, I'd see pregnant women and, literally, almost shed a couple tears of happiness.

And, Monday morning, I woke up at 6 am, unintentionally, and ran to the bathroom. It. was. going. down. I pulled from every single bit of will power I had and didn't run into the bed, shrieking in such decibels that neighborhood dogs wanted to cut me, to wake up the husband with our news:

We're getting our tiny little baby xxoo

So, I collected myself, formulated the perfect plan to tell Gary the news with Amy, and waited until the perfect moment. Telling Gary was just as special as I could've envisioned and just as amazing as the first time. Maybe I'll share that story later :-)

We are having a baby <3

And, as with my first pregnancy, I take pictures every 4 weeks to get every month of the pregnancy. I love seeing the progression! But, it's hard to take the pictures yourself----->

Gary's been so busy with this class he's in for work that I knew I wouldn't have an opportunity to get his help. Believe me, from now on I'll be finding the time to get his help. I just look awkward.

And, for all those who have been asking how I'm feeling....Good! I feel pretty solid! I get tired super easily (I used to fall asleep at 7:30 when I was first pregnant with J!) and am having these, seemingly-patterned, rolling headaches. Seriously, Adele should write a song about them. But, ya know what? I couldn't care less. I take them happily!

And, the best part of the day was spending time with my biggest. He felt the electricity in the air and was just soo lovey with me. He had to watch me cook dinner just to be near me :-):

He was love and cuddles and unicorn farts all day. I could not complain. This little boy, who has been my world the past couple years, is about to share that spotlight. It just makes you look at your Biggest in such a different light when there's about to be a Littlest. And the husband? We've been together a decade this year, but seeing him as the father of my two babies? Sop me up with a mop because I melted.

Pee to the Ess....Gary says boy. Of course, we're still not finder-outers, but I think we should start a pool. Team peen or Bajingo? Team blue or pink?

Pee to the Ess squared....you guys who have been blowing up my FB and my phone...THANK YOU!!! I just adore sharing this time with you! Love you guys!!!!

And, for a visual? My mom's head has imploded after reading this post. She really likes the people I produce ;-D

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So Very Domestic said...

Looooooove!!!! I can't wait to start knitting for this child. I am so so so happy for you guys! <3 <3 <3