Friday, March 9, 2012

Make this.

The return of the food posts! I plan to keep these up as long as I don't have any aversions :-) I didn't have morning sickness with my Biggest, so maybe the stars will align to let it skip me this time, too??

Oh, & so, AGAIN there's no fashion in the fashion & foodie posts. But, I cannot wait until baby starts showing!! We may end up having no food in these posts come that time!

There's this grocery store I go to because they have great deals, and this post is completely sponsored by that shopping trip! Although I had already spent the grocery budget for that month, they had a GREAT sale on meats. So, even though I went over budget, it made more sense to buy because you save more in the long-run! I stocked our freezer with chicken, and spareribs, and roast. I won't have to buy meat again until April, if my meal plan calls for it.

& don't forget, fellow foodies, all the recipes I post will be found under the Recipes tab!

This recipe was designed for two, with no leftovers. So, I doubled it to get all the work out of the way in one sitting. When we have it as leftovers, I'll reheat in a little bit of butter, or chicken broth or stock to keep all those nutrients. Gotta be as healthy as possible since there's a beautiful little babe growing in me :-)

Since there's always a veggie with dinner, I steamed some green beans. That's probably 3/4 of a pound and all you do is fill up a skillet with, roughly, an inch of water, set your steaming basket inside, throw in your veggies and done! I added a little salt and some pepper, I think I even threw in some oregano. Turn the heat on super low and cover. This way, the side dish is cooking slowly and you can aim your attention at the main course :-)

These chicken have been dipped in the egg, rolled around in the breadcrumbs and are ready to go! While they were doing their first round in the oven, I made the sauce. Gary walked in the door, smelled everything cooking, and salivated :-)

Once the chicken is finished cooking, for the first time, pour half the sauce inside your baking dish and top with chicken. They cover with remaining sauce and cheeses:

Ohh, it's so good! It's officially in the rotation ;-)
(Oh, & I always show the husband's plate. My 6'3" hunk of man, who works out twice a day, gets fed pretty well, if I don't say so muhself!)

And the best part? It's cheap! It cost, approximately, $17 for the ingredients yet we'll eat it over 3 nights. That makes each dinner $5.67!! Who hates that??

I've mentioned before that I grew up a meat n potatoes girl. There was an abundance of testosterone in the childhood house so I not only know my way around a grill, I have an appreciation for a well-cooked piece of meat. But, it's just too expensive for me to run out and pick up slabs of meat like my madre did. Thank goodness for that sale! I picked up 4 1/2 lbs of pork spareribs for dirt cheap! I served this with alfredo pasta and steamed broccoli and it'll last 4 nights, making the dinner about $5.50 a night. Proud!

All I did was season it, cut it in half, because it was too long for my slow cooker, throw some BBQ sauce in there (these bottles were also part of the sale, .89 each! And, I used 3 not 4 for this meal) and set it on low for 7 1/2 hours. The smells all day were too much to take :-)

By the time dinner rolled around it was falling off the bone!

&, the next day for lunch, Gary got to have a shredded rib sandwich!

Personally, I didn't like this dish; it has too much kick for me. Of course, anyone else without such a spice-hating palate would dig it; I know my boys did! It's a good thing our boy got his daddy's taste buds!

Please ignore the steam, I couldn't wait 10 minutes to take the picture apparently....

&, of course, served with homemade cornbread muffins! Doiy.

Top with shredded cheese and be comforted!

This meal was so intensely good I'm not even sure which adjectives to use. True Story.

I could not believe I got up at 5 am to get this in the slow cooker, since it takes a total of 12 hours to cook. But, I'll be up at all hours by the end of the year with nighttime feedings, huh? SQUEEEEEE!!!!! I'm pregnant!!!!! I may, or may not, shriek that fact for the next 9 months :-D

I went in to take the meat out for shredding, and it was just falling apart. So, so tender and sooo flavorful. Saliva just, literally, filled my mouth. Get in muh belleh!!

I served atop linguine, because I was out of my first choice-rice, but it was still just unbelievable. Totes. Next time, though, I'll serve either on top of rice or chips (homemade, le duh) for nachos!

And, I think I'm going to have to do a preggysaurus-food post! I'm taking such intense joy in the way I'm eating lately I can't even deal. So healthy! You're welcome, Littlest ;-) <3

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