Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Michelin Man Status.

With Gary deploying this year, we've been trying to figure out if we'll be able to go back to California for a visit during his pre-deployment block leave. But, with gas prices on the rise, per the uje, we were looking into flying.

But, then I remembered I'm pregnant. And, I will never fly while pregnant again.

Back in 2009, we flew back to CA for our baby shower. We were so excited to see everyone and I was so excited to be around all our old peeps all bumptastic-like. HOWEVER, for the first time in the 6 months of the pregnancy I was swollen all over like I had been stung by about a million bees. And, of course, like I was allergic to those bees.

Seriously. Never a drippity-drop of swelling, yet I felt myself inflating while on the plane. Literally. I felt my calves become swollen, and my ring become tighter. And, I was in complete, and total, denial. "Maybe it'll go away in 24 hours in time for the shower...", "Maybe if I drink a load of water I'll pee it away..."


And, unfortunately, there's always those handful of family members and/or friends that are not exempt from commenting on another's pregnancy. I wanted to wear a sign that read, "It's from the plane. I. SWEAR. Stop looking at me"

And, OBVIOUSLY, we got home 2 days later and it was gone another 2 days after that. After realizing that, inhaling water, and laying around with my feet up, I probably cried. Everyone should have flown to me out in Tennessee so I didn't have to blow up for 4 whole days while I saw everyone I've known my whole life.

I mean, I was creating life and everything....

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