Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Me Day

Today, I had a Me Day, and there wasn't a husband, or a family member, in sight. It was a trip.

A couple weeks ago, I made sure to enroll Jake with the post so when Gary's deployed I have somewhere I can take Jake should it come to that. Well, today was Jake's first time in hourly care. And, there were tears.

Mine, to be exact.

The FCC provider we went to was based on the recommendation of a friend of mine, and someone whose opinion I trust/value. We pulled up to Miss Sam's house and Jake was ready to roll! He was a little tired because it was 9 am, but we walked in the door holding hands and he pulled me right in. He needed to do work.

Jake was fine. He's a social little nugget so being in new places doesn't really faze him. But, he will approach things a little more slowly than if they were familiar. S.O.P. for a toddler, right??

So, I take off for 3 hours of Me, with my plans still not even finalized. I don't even get to the end of the street when I start crying. And, of course, my stupid phone was dying, and Gary took the car charger with him to his training in Arizona, so I was without a lifeline. I had to (wo)man up all on my own! Uncool.

To be clear, it wasn't that I had a moment's hesitation about where I was leaving him, or else I wouldn't have left him. It was that, he's my little baby! It just seems like such a grown-up thing to do to be left somewhere, amiright?? But, we (I) needed to get our (my) feet wet because Gary deploys and I have all my baby doctor (!!!!!!!) appointments.

So, even though I reallllllly missed my little man, I made sure to enjoy this time. It's important to empty your cup before you're sure it needs emptying!

I stopped by Sam's Club to get ridic quantities of healthy food for my tiny one in production.

And, thrifted it up right nice at Once Upon a Child for my Biggest! 4 pairs of shorts and sunglasses, because he's one cool cat, for just under $16!

I was looking at little girl stuff because you guys? There's a 50/50 shot I'm growing a little girl! That was an intense realization. Ya know how you don't feel pregnant at first? Well, it's sinking in more and more that we've been blessed with something we've wanted for such a long time and we really are having a baby! The only thing about Littlest being a 2.0? You, roughly, have what you need! I need to shop, people! Unfair... but in such a way rad way <3

And, then it was time for a pedicure. I was chomping at the bit to pick up my little squeeze, but it was very nice to be pampered! No one else was there until I was leaving, so it was uber relaxing, and my feet are all Spring-y! It's the simple things, yo.

But, my favorite part? When the guy doing my pedicure farted, out loud, and didn't even bat an eye. Way to own it, my man.

I was so excited to see Jake, when I picked him up at noon, but he was excited about where he was. He was playing with the other kids, and the toys, and didn't run to me like a bat out of H-E double hockey sticks....which is always good!

Hope you all had/are having a good Monday! xo

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