Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things I'd like to tell to jump in a lake.

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I've hit the wall.

I've been doing all the right stuff, food-wise. Keeping calories in line, eating the right foods, using those foods because of the great vitamins they give the baby....

yadda yadda effing yadda.

After eating all this healthy crap---->

salmon, spinach, sweet potatoes

eggs, steamed broccoli, sweet potatoes

Snack: Cut-up avocado and Sun Chips

Breakfast: yogurt, granola, strawberries, blueberries which I always have with a glass of coconut milk

...I'm officially over it.

I wanted to make sure, in case my occasional nausea blows up into full-on morning sickness, I get some great stuff in me. But, and just like when I hit this couple week streak with J, I've hit a point where I don't want any of that crap. Not to mention, I don't want any of the food I take the time to plan out for my grocery lists. Food from inside our house is stupid.

This is my problem. Terrible, I know. Even when Gary was in AZ, admittedly, I'd cry if the sky wasn't the right shade of blue (thanks, hormones!), but otherwise I felt very calm and relaxed and happy. Things were good. Totes. But, this food thing is throwing off my equilibrium. It's serious.

You see, I know that you're supposed to watch your calories to keep how much you gain in line. I know you're supposed to keep working out so you can have the strength to get through labor & delivery, and so you can bounce back more easily postpartum. I know the foods you choose matter because of the great vitamins and antioxidants.

:::Ross-Style flip off to knowledge:::

I don't give a tiny rat's patootie about all that crap.

Ya see, I'm eating so fresh and healthily I think my body's revolting. I "gave in" the other day, while making J's 1/2 grilled cheese for his snack, and ate the other half. It was crispy and gooey and a party in my mouth.

For sure, I made sounds only meant for nighttime.

Is it a big deal that I ate half of the most delicious grilled cheese known to mankind? No. But, know what this preggysaurus wants to do? Eat 2 of them, at every meal, until I start showing and my stomach is square-shaped. Is that too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask that, instead of getting a workout in while J naps, I burn my workout gear and eat my absolutely favorite snack right now?----->
OH EM GEE, don't even get me started.

I made Caesar dressing for our spinach wraps for dinner. As I was making it, I was munching on the fishies because I was nauseous. The family of dippers that we are, the idea came to me to dip the fishies in the dressing and it was orgasmic. I swear on Dora.

I asked Gary to try it to see if I was being a crazy baby-maker, or if it really is legit. He said a little of both, whereas J loved it like I did. Jury's still out. My love of the snack doesn't count; another non-pregnant set of taste buds needs to break the tie.

I'd be the happiest chickita banana on the planet if I didn't know stuff. Ignorance is totally bliss. I, literally, tell the the workout I'm about to do during naptime to, "Shutup". I'm throwing a pity party as I walk upstairs to change for said workout because I know I have to do it because, & I'm even mocking my own voice right now, "You're always happy you did it. It'll make you feel better. Endorphins rocks the house"

I'm just a weiner.

But the bright side of the past week of food-workout conundrum?

I bought the first baby item of this pregnancy!!!

please TRY to ignore our weird, 80s-style wall in the background. That's on-post housing, for ya

I scored a Baby Trend Snap n Go for $20 from a fellow Army wife!!!! ::: hammer time :::

I'm so totally happy with it, too! It's sooo lightweight and way durable. Jake, my 35ish lb near 2 1/2 year old who is in the 92nd percentile, climbed onto it and the thing didn't even budge. With so much weight on one side, making it very uneven, none of the wheels left the ground and J was always completely stable. Love it!

And, it's a good thing I can find the few baby items we do need for cheap because I may be spending our baby cash stash to keep from double-fisting fishies and taking a straw to Caesar dressing.

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Erin said...

Seriously, I say eat what you want. With both pregnancies I lived on potatoes my first tri. And FWIW, as you know I sat on bedrest for 11 weeks and worked out maybe one day before that. I pushed this kid out in under 10 minutes. I say do what makes you feel good.