Thursday, March 15, 2012

We're on the clock.

This has been one of the best weeks ever.

I think it's a combo of the weather and how much more special everything seems when you're looking through new eyes.

Although we still have a ways to go, our days are numbered as Mama & Boy: The couple and this week has definitely reflected that. Things have seemed so calm and much more warm between the two of us, like an unspoken acknowledgment that we both think the other is pretty bombdotcom. And, that has, pretty much, kicked aces all over this week. Feeling purty blessed :-)

We've had the most gorgeous weather. It's been hanging around the 70s so far this week so we've been able to be outside a lot where the boy gets to roll around in the dirt like he so loves ;-) He really is a boy. Fo' sho.

It's actually been so nice the only laundry I've had to use the dryer for were the nighttime doublers for J's diapers, because I needed them that night! Otherwise, I've gotten to put everything out on the line :-)

One of the greatest things about having a boy is his ensemble in these pics. He had come home from hourly care that day I told you about and I changed him into comfy jammie pants for his nap, but left the shirt on he wore that day. He's a boy so it didn't count as a fashion faux pas ;-) The playground's right next to our house anyway!
Toddler essentials: shades, milk, fishies

He likes to pile dirt and rocks on his leg just to knock them off. I mean, who wouldn't?! ;-)

Such a good sharer!

I am so very, very proud of his newfound love of sharing. That day he went to hourly care, he picked up a toy and took it to a little girl, 1ish, because he thought she'd like it. What has two thumbs and will make a righteous big brother one day? That guy ^

Love this boy!

You guys might have heard, we're having another tiny person in 9ish months ;-D But, it just makes Jake seem so much more mature, like he's a grown ass man. Just ask for the keys, why dontcha, kid??

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Mrs. Trophy Wife said...

Such exciting news for you! And your Jake is such a doll baby.