Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby loot!

It all started with a nursing wrap...

I had no intention of spending from our baby cash stash for a few months. But, a deal's a deal, yo!

I started introducing Jake to the hourly care he'll be in during the deployment when I have appointments and such so that he'd be more than comfortable with it when the time comes when he and I are the duo in the house and it has to be used. But, now I'm using it so I can cart my wicked handsome husband around on my arm.

Because of how Jake naps, we usually use hourly care from 9a-12p, so that's when we had our date. What romantic hours, eh?? Hey, beggars ain't choosers! So, we went and had a super fancy breakfast at IHOP, then went to the mall. It was nice/weird to be out just as husband and wife; we don't get to do that often enough for it to feel normal!

Obviously, we stopped to look at baby stuff at Burlington Coat Factory (holy crap is that my new favorite store!) and found that nursing wrap for $6! I adore it! I'm not so good at the nursing in public. NOT because I think it's inappropriate (that's ridiculous, bee tee dubbya); NOT because I'm embarrassed. But, because I prefer to take off my top & let those hogs fly. Being discreet with a wiggly baby is not my thing. &, it really didn't help that I had those nursing wraps that go around your neck and hang in front. I so loathe those. This one is a one-size-fits-all type thing, so you can manipulate it to fit exactly how you need. But, it has great coverage. So, if I were to nurse in public you'd see the baby, but none of my top half. Not even any side boob! YAY!

And, in buying that $6 wrap, we got two 20% off coupons on any one item to use the week after Easter:
Like I said, I didn't intend to start buying so early, but when you can get 20% off your dream car seat & base you take it!

& because of how much we saved, I was able to pick up my very first piece of maternity clothing--- for under $9!

It wears like a tunic for now, but I'm sure baby will be filling it out before we know it! Also? It's probably the most precious thing ever.
I swoon.

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