Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A day at the zoo.

Today, we hit up the zoo; not for trick-or-treating and not for pretty lights. But, because we're, unfortunately, workin' on our pre-deployment bucket list. But today was so full of the awesome and we have pictures to prove it!

Today was nothing but gorgeous and amazing time spent together. And, tomorrow Gary and I get a date...HOLLA! What an amazing couple days :-)

And, now for more pictures than you'd ever care to see!
(Pee Ess, you might figure out that I LOVE the giraffes)

I love this kid. Giraffes would come up to him, with their long-as-their-neck tongues and he'd just laugh! Ballsy fo' sho.

I die that soon there'll be a kid on each side <3

Jake is unsure about the peacock. Another came over in this one's space and it started vibrating slash hissing. We left for fear of the peacock riot.

Isn't it too gorgeous??

People WILL know what I look like at 27, dagnabit!


The boy couldn't handle how much he loved the snow leopard. It kept walking along the glass, and he was pretty pumped about it!

So we walked into the petting zoo and I instantly flashed on Alfred Hitchcock

This little guy wouldn't leave Jake's side, and even did a slight peck at him once. Jake laughed.

Large bunny

Such a great day, one for the record books. Totes.

Now, the husband and I are hangin' out while the boy sleeps and later it's homemade chimichangas for dinner.

You jealy, bro? ;-)

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