Friday, April 6, 2012

Foodie Friday.

Before I even begin to think about food, let me tell you about my uber emotional afternoon. First, I watched my DVRd episode of the series finale of One Tree Hill, aka the second greatest show of all time--second only to FRIENDS, obvio. When it was over I turned on the regular TV and the series finale of FRIENDS was on where Rachel 'gets off the plane'. OH EM GEE I was a pitiful, sobbing mess. Gary, who was home early, looked at me, smiled at his hot mess of a wifesky, then hugged me. Now we just talked about eating oreos. Does the husband know how to make his pregnant chick feel good or what??

Anyway, even though I don't exactly have ravenous hunger I am all. about. cooking. I'm actually going to get up and make some caramel apple butter after I "Save Draft"!

Eggplant Parmigiana:
When I plan out my my grocery lists every couple weeks, I try to get in a meatless dinner to mix things up. This meal was unbelievable in about seven different ways of kick you in the pants awesome. Gary said it was better than the chicken parmigiana.

Oh, he went there.

These are good enough to eat on their own. Maybe in a venue of a Super B0wl party, or Oscar party, or ....Tuesday. Tasty in my mouth.

I think there was WAY too much cheese in this recipe. But, I always do what I'm told first, then modify the second time around. So, I'll cut some cheese later. BUT, if you'd like to take a few days off from deuces make as is...

And, here's the sauce I made for the spaghetti sauce in this recipe. You guys, make your own sauce. Not only does the house smell orgasmic in the process, but it cost about $1.66 to make. Unless you're in Narnia, I doubt you'll be able to find a 26 oz jar of store-bought sauce for less than $3.

We were all besides ourselves with how good this recipe was. It was a tastespolsion.

And, even though I meant to make the bread for the garlic bread, check out what I did instead: Cut up a french loaf, spread some butter, sprinkle with garlic powder, then sprinkle with parmesan. Gary said, "Make these again!" One of the best dinners evah.

I'd make this meal just to smell it in the process. I obsess over strong smells right now, like that of salsa.

Ohhhh yeahhhh that's the good stuff.

The veggie for this meal was eggplant. All I did was dice it up, add a bit of olive oil, season to taste and push around the baking sheet to mix. Throw it in the oven for however long you want. It's actually really good. J ate the crap out of it.

Salsa chicken, eggplant, Mexican rice.

I'm pretty pumped these days always about garlic. Every. single. time. I get to mince it for a recipe I smell my fingers after. ohhh. Not like Mary-Katherine-Gallagher-style, or anything, but it still happens. And, will keep happening. Count on it.

There's cider vinegar in this recipe (I had apple cider vinegar so that's what I used) and that smell is borderline painful. I worried about the outcome of the chicken because of that horrifying smell. But don't. The chicken comes out fabulously.

This hummus blew my mind how easy it was to make. I doubled the recipe because we are BIG dippers and because all our meals always last more than once anyway.

This meal was nice and light and perfect for the near-80* day we had. Totes magotes perfect.

Spinach chicken wraps--

This recipe is something I just came up with for whatever reason. Wait, because I'm a culinary engineer.

Either way, I came up with this a long time ago so I have no idea what made me do it. But, I cooked up some chicken, shredded it, threw it in a spinach wrap with cut-up avocado and shredded cheese and then topped off with homemade Caesar. It is so good. But, don't forget I'm all about Caesar right now so I may be talking big game, but it's wicked good in this casa.

filling and tasty and perfect for warm summer months!

Ok, that's it for now, loves. Don't forget you can find the recipes under the Recipes tab!

Stay classy, San Diego.

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