Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I used to think thrifting was grody until I bought a bunch of stuff for no money.

When Jake was about 6 months old a friend introduced me to a secondhand store, Once Upon a Child, and my mind was changed.

Although I had heard about the store, I just kept thinking that hand-me-downs are "supposed" to come from family members, and that some of the people I saw around Clarksville were not people I'd like my son to share clothes with...

But, I went into the store and saw that the clothes were that of something *I* would've donated. Some brand new with their tags--their kids didn't even get a chance to wear it before they outgrew it; the rest in like-new condition without holes or staining. Basically, if you didn't know you were in a secondhand store you would've had no idea. In fact, I recently went back to the store, to stock Jake up on bottoms, and got him a great-looking pair of Nautica jeans for $10, which usually run for $32. That's the most I've ever spent on one article of clothing in that store. When kids grow out of clothes so quickly when they're young, why spend full price??

Anyway, I say all that jibjab because I said something to Gary last weekend I never would've imagined saying 2 years ago: "Want to go thrifting on Saturday?"

I needed a few items for the kitchen and wanted to see if I could find the diamond in our quasi-local Salvation Army. We did!

All this for $11.32!

Our short glasses had been spontaneously breaking in the dishwasher, so we picked up 4 for $.39 each! I wanted more mixing bowls, because it seems mine are always in use, so I picked up that set of 3, and the bright colors turns my insides all kinds of sparkly. The air-tight container is to replace my powdered sugar container, which also broke, and the food scale I've been wanting for a while and will suit my needs perfectly.

Jake has, approximately, 3 million books, but they're a weakness to the mama in me because he adores books. Sometimes he just sits on the stairs and reads his books. What mama could pass up a chance for more heart-meltery!?

These were FIFTY CENTS each. I know! And, the Sesame Street book? Fughetaboutit. He's all about "'mo" (Elmo) right now!

This not-new love of thrifting is going to come in really handy; I always felt I was meant to be a mama to boys, but I'm getting strong girl-feelings lately! :-)

We're not finding out this time because we'll be incredibly blessed either way. We just want ten fingers and ten toes :-) But, without thrifting, a baby girl has the potential to really armageddon a bank account.

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