Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love me a long weekend.

Great great Easter weekend :-)

We kicked things off with plans of getting the boy's picture taken with the Easter bunny after getting a haircut. His hair is not unlike mine & the husband's in that it grows like a weed. He has quite the mop atop that dome, which makes for seriously cute (and uncontrollable...) bedhead.

Let's talk about the first picture coming up... I very rarely get pictures of myself these days unless they're belly shots! Partly because my first trimesters are plagued with not-so-cute feelings; Partly because it's just easier to be behind the camera. So, there are moments, when it actually crosses my mind, out of sheer lack of numbers I have to think, "No one will know what I looked like at 27. We're going to get J's haircut...let's take a picture!" Ummm, ok...

Anywho, the place we go to get J's haircuts is so cute he can barely function. It has a great, wide-array of toys and activities and, as can be expected, the lady who owns it is super patient. Can you really have a place to cut kids' hair & not have the patience to do it??

So, Jake hopped up into the chair, talked to the Thomas trains she offered him and pointed out all the robots on his hair-catching cape. He handled it like a total boss. Needless to say, we were pretty proud parents :-)

Because we were out the door earlier than we're used to, J fell asleep before we got back to post for the Easter bunny. He was just coming around when we walked up to the holiday set-up in the PX (no line! YAY!), saw the bunny, considered freaking about for about half a second, and then couldn't imagine loving anything more. I put him on the bunny's lap, they waved at each other, & then he hopped (HA!) off, danced in front of the bunny for a few seconds, that had all the passersby cracking up, with his huge smile, and then was ready for his close-up:

After the morning's triumphs, we stopped for lunch in the PX. Things just felt slow, which was so nice. Nothing like just enjoying each other :-)

Saturday morning we had a great breakfast of homemade biscuits and gravy and then immediately set out to get some footwork in. There's a park on post that has amazing trails so we got out couple miles in with our jogger and then let J run around the playground :-)

Easter morning was really great this year. We got up early to have breakfast with our church before the morning's service. I made monkey bread for the potluck and it just felt really good to be involved :-)

We had a great service, had a nice lunch out, and came home to put Jake down for his nap before hunting for Easter eggs. The thing about our kid? He hoards. We couldn't let him hunt eggs around the house before church because he'd want to individually carry each thing with him to Sunday School....much to the would-be jealousy of the other toddlers.

This bucket slays me with the cute. It's reusable, so I'll use it as many years as it'll allow. But, the great thing was all the stuff he got, with the exception of the giant pad of paper (which is the BEST gift we've probably every gotten him!) was picked up at the dollar section of Target! We even got him two 24 count boxes of crayons for about .30 each!

Jake got chocolate Reese's eggs inside the eggs he hunted. Our kid sees chocolate and thinks of it as a toy. Holla!

Hope you all had a great weekend, too! xo

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