Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sigh of relief.

Yesterday, you may have heard, was my first prenatal appointment ;-)

We've decided to give this hospital on post a shot, which is something I never would have said while I was pregnant with Jake. The hospital at Fort Campbell was unbelievably horrible; kind of like you're a giant pain in the arse for having an appointment. I didn't even like taking my pap there once a year. Fo' sho.

So, as with anything, I took our mantra of keeping a good attitude, & open mind, and not letting negativity impact the situation to the appointment and was so pleasantly surprised I could have cried. I'm pregnant. That's a legit reaction.

Unfortunately, yesterday was a meet & greet type of appointment complete with paperwork and first impressions so I wasn't touched except for weight and blood pressure (so no hearing the heartbeat of our Littlest :-/), but the sweet old lady handling things could not have made me feel more comfortable.

Although she's not the one I'll be seeing for my prenatal care, I asked my questions hoping she'd give me a general indication if the ideals of this hospital and what care I'm looking to receive match up.

First off, I'll be seen by group of midwives on a rotating basis, which is what I'm all about. I totally get that job one is to have a healthy happy baby, but what I like about midwives is they have a reputation for not being as pro-intervention as some OBs may be. I asked what the general consensus was about VBACs and she said that they were all for it. She, basically, said they handle pregnancy with a laissez-fair-ish mentality.

Winna winna chicken dinna.

It was a testament to how comfortable I felt there that they only had to take my blood pressure once! Every time I went to the doctor with J, they took it twice because I'm always nervous when I first go to the hospital, then I relax. It's not something I feel, but shows up in the physical aspect of things.

So, after I fell in love with my upcoming care for the next 32ish weeks, she walked me to the places I needed to be in the hospital, which I felt was above and beyond :-) She took me to the lab, where they left me just enough blood to get home on; she showed me radiology where I'll get the ultrasounds (!!!!!!); she showed me where I'll be delivering our little blessing. I asked her not to judge me if I explode confetti. She didn't.

So, in 3 weeks I'll, happily, take my pap there for my physical and get to hear the heartbeat---that I'm sure will make me cry! We're hoping Gary can come to that appointment. And, about a week and a half after that we'll get to see our precious babe at my first ultrasound---which is something I'm hoping Gary will be able to come to also!

That ultrasound will be one of the very few times Gary would get to see our Littlest before s/he becomes an outside baby <3

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