Tuesday, May 29, 2012

16 weeks!

Um, hai....holy crap.

It's blowing my impregnated mind that I'm 4 months pregnant. FOUR. MONTHS. And, I'm loving every life-growing moment of it :-)

Look at me....all makin' people and everything...

How far along? 16 weeks

Weight gain: 1 lb

Maternity Clothes? Not necessary yet. I went shopping for maternity clothes a few weeks ago (I can't find my maternity clothes from last pregnancy :-( I think they were lost in the move, which blows because I had such cute pieces!) and got a pair of maternity gaucho pants to wear around the house. So, I wear those from time-to-time.

Stretch Marks? None new. But, TIP! I got Alba Botanical Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion for the belly and boobies. WORKS AMAZINGLY. I've been blessed to have subtle stretch marks that you can really only see because I'm so fair-skinned, but as my belly started to poke out more they became more apparent. And, my face turned sad. So, I got this lotion and there's, literally, no way this is a placebo effect! It's that obvious! Even as my belly is, obviously, growing more, the stretchies are barely visible!! I, officially, swear by this stuff!

Sleep: I love sleep SO HARD. I'm having trippy dreams, but also sleeping like the dead. I'm OK with that.

Best Moment of the Week: Feeling baby's first little nudges and getting to hear baby's heartbeat again :-)

Miss Anything? My ass NOT sweating during workouts. This wasn't an affliction of my first pregnancy and I'm not a fan of it this time around! I wish the excess pregnant-workout-sweat would stick to my forehead! The after-effects of ass-sweat are not so cute. Or comfortable...
Oh, and sushi! As in, I want to push this baby out then have a roll immediately shoved down my gullet.

Movement? Around 13-14 weeks I started feeling little thumps, but they were never unquestionably baby....until yesterday!!! WHILE I was skyping with Gary for the first time! That's about as lifechanging-awesome as if a unicorn blew me a kiss from a rainbow over Trader Joe's.

Food Cravings? Still more distinct flavors, as in salsa, hummus (homemade is bombdotcom, check the recipes tab!), & sharp cheddar cheese. Oh, and Subway sandwiches. But, by far, my favorite thing in this vast cosmos right now is my dinner: fresh spinach salad with peppercorn ranch dressing. Sooo good, great on Vitamin C & fiber, & :: ahem :: keeping things moving. And, a bowlful is only 164 delicious calories!!

Food Aversions? Surprisingly, junk food. I love my fresh, healthy foods so much that it squashes my desire for french fries. Almost always.....

Sex: Not finding out this time either :-)

Labor Signs? Negatory, morning glory.

Belly Button, in or out? In

Wedding rings, on or off? On

Looking forward to: My belly getting big enough to see baby move from the outside!

Weekly Wisdom: Gaucho pants are ugly as sin, but as comfortable as if they were made of puppies. Buy some, but don't wear them outside your house. Seriously, don't.

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