Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Toddlers trip me out.

For a few weeks Jake was getting up really early. OK, well some mamas will hate me for saying so, but by "really early" I mean around 6 am. Anyway, it meant that if we were to go anywhere before naptime, he gets verryy sleepy, if not completely falls asleep in his car seat.

Well, one morning  he had gotten up early, but it was Kindermusik day so I prepped myself for mild crankiness but was getting ready to drive on.


That little kid was such a shit during Kindermusik we left early. And, lemme say, that speaks volumes for us.

I put the phone in my lap, put it on speaker and cried to Gary the whole way home. That kid just worked me with a capital W-O-R-K-E-D. I was patient, too. So patient. Disgustingly patient. But, the entire hour of class he beat the mental h-e double hockey sticks out of me. It was like here, be understanding, be calm, speak to him logically, but then get kicked in the crotch. Repeatedly.

I mean, it was like all I had to do was cut the blue wire and all he had was red wires.


We get home, I soak Gary's shirt with my sadface, and Gary handles snack and nap so that I could hang onto the last shred of my sanity, which was definitely hanging by the tiniest of threads.

Gary suggests I go out shopping, or see a movie, or look at baby clothes. Anything that I wanted. But, all I needed was to go out and get groceries and regain my clarity.

I get home, fairly refreshed and the boy wakes up. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't walking on egg shells, anticipating more Hell on Earth. But, he was the sweetest, most loving, playful kid on the planet.

But, that's parenthood. Sometimes you look at your kid wondering, "Dafuq did I get myself into??"

And, other times, most times, you're in awe and wonder, and even inspired, by how amazing your tiny person is and how much you love them.

The moments like these get me through:

*We put him down for bed at night, he sits up in his crib, and returns my, "Love you, bud. See you in the morning" with "Love you". Then, I tear-up and kiss him eight more times.

*We head out for our morning workout with the jogger and as I'm wiping the sweat from my forehead and making sure to stay hydrated (because, lemme say this altitude is no joke!), Jake leans back under the shade of his stroller, grips his ice-cold sippy and the two toys he brought with him, and exhales as he says, "Ohhh, yeahhhh"

*We bought our new bambino's car seat and it was sitting in the seat to left of his car seat and I ask, "Is that for the new baby?" And, he exclaims, "Baby! Baby! Baby! BABY!" He's going to be the best big brother <3

*He's sitting on the kitchen floor, playing with magnets as I get breakfast ready when Gary asks him, "Do you think you're getting a baby brother or baby sister?" "Baby DISTER!" I kiss him another 8 times.

*He's started counting anything and everything. He appreciates a good pattern, but I melt when I hear him count his toys with "un, two, tree". Boy genius ;-)

*When we're eating dinner, he stops, reaches for my arm, pulls me close, and wraps his arms around my necks for a hug. He should ask for a pony because, in that moment, he could close that deal.

So, to my many, MANY mama-friends who are having first-time babies this year, know it'll get hard. It's inevitable. But, those times are far outweighed by the good :-)

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