Friday, May 11, 2012

Triple Eff!

Finally, a foodie post!

So, let's talk about the pregnant belly, yes?

Most days I look like this--->

 Little bit of belly-pokeage, but nowhere near where I had anticipated I'd be when knocking on second trimester's door with a second pregnancy.

Then, other days...whoa, mama

In all fairness to my wee babe, I think it was the combo of the wide belt and maxi dress that gave the illusion that I'm halfway through the pregnancy, but still!! These times are wayyy fewer and further between, though. When  do I get that adorable little bowling ball sitting in my lower belly??

Onward and upward!

This meal was so, so good! And, even easier than it was tasty!

I try to do one "fun" meal when planning my dinner menu and this one was such a winna!

I didn't cover it in pepperoni on the first layer because I just kept thinking that a regular pizza doesn't have a pepperoni covering every square inch! But, then I realized, "when the eff am I ever going to use the rest of the pepperoni in the bag??"---->

 I forgot to get a picture of it plated, so this is in the leftover pyrex. It looks like a gnarly mess, but it was delish!


I'm not the hugest fan that the recipe called to coat the bottom of the pan with butter, but, like always, I do as I'm told first and then modify later. I wonder what to use next time to coat the pan, but not modify the flavor??


And, perfect little servings, too!

Homemade Pasta!!!
Months ago, I bought a 20 lb bag of flour from Sam's Club for $6-$7. Believe me, for us that makes uber sense!
So, I only go grocery shopping twice a month and last trip was a stock-up trip. I needed stuff like toilet paper, and baking ingredients...the kind of stuff that adds up! So, I decided one of the ways I cut corners was I decided to save the $1.50 on boxes of pasta and make my own.

You guys.

It is so easy. So easy. And, there's like 6 ingredients in it. You can tell a difference; there's a fresher taste to it.

I was nervous when cutting up the dough because I wasn't sure how flimsy it'd be, so the spaghetti turned out more like linguini, but can't say anyone around here cared! Plus, I plan to keep making it (you can make & store it up to 8 months...which will come in super handy when I prep stuff for baby's arrival!)

The camera and I have been in a duel lately. I can either take pictures that leave me thinking I should've majored in photography, or leave me thinking that my toddler could muster up a better photograph than I could. 


Brown Sugar Cinnamon Muffins
If we're friends on facebook, you know the upcoming deployment is starting to sink in and I'm mentally fighting that like a skilled Jedi. Hence the muffins. I bake for people to distract myself. And, shop. Both of these happened this week.

Turns out, reading the recipe's directions with a toddler around isn't always the most thorough endeavor so I made these wrong. But, they still taste like a party in my mouth.

I think I'm actually making more of these today!

Distractions + me = appropriate placed head in the sand....

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SoVeryDomestic said...

I am impressed!! I love it all, especially the pasta. Stuff that has the fewest ingredients tends to be the most fussy! I think I might make those cinnamon muffins today. YUM!