Tuesday, May 8, 2012

VBAC, yo.

At my second prenatal appointment, with the supa-fab' midwife, we discussed if I was going to try for the VBAC, or if I'd like her to go ahead and schedule another c-section at 39 weeks.

My intention since having Jake was to VBAC it up. Au naturale, at that.

She said that my prenatal care would vary in that I'd have different "counselling" sessions mid-pregnancy to prepare me for what another c-section would be like, or what a VBAC would entail.

You may, or may not, have gathered that I have a tendency for the hippie-esque. I prefer to make my own stuff, whether it be food or cleaning products, because I enjoy the self-reliance, the cheapness, and to keep things natural. I keep the same ideals about myself. I practice yoga for the benefits to mind and body; I enjoy a good sweat because it's a free therapy session; I even meditated for the first time last week because I felt very antsy and needed to relax (pee ess, HIGHLY recommend it. I felt INCREDIBLE afterward!). So, my desire for the au naturale VBAC is that I feel that my body was built to do this and I am more than capable of doing so.

The thing in the not-so-back of our minds is the possibility of preeclampsia making a comeback. Because of the preeclampsia, I was induced, and had J at 38 weeks because the combo of the protein in my urine reaching a certain level and being full-term was enough for my OB to go ahead and call it, and I trusted her judgment completely.

Everyone and their mama in my care team assured me the preeclampsia was completely out of my hands. There's not a thing I could've done differently; I was just the lucky (HA!) one. So, I'm doing my part with staying healthy, working out 4-5 days a week, and eating really right, like uber right, but we're in the process of deciding if that's enough.

One thing our midwife brought up was that with a VBAC there's a possibility of rupture to the uterus, which would result in an emergency c-section. Kind of the opposite of what I'm going for, no? As far as we know, that wouldn't impact future pregnancies (we're thinking we'll have 3!), but the idea of emergency anything doesn't exactly rub me in the right places.

Apparently, that's not a common occurrence, though? But, I don't know enough about it to be deterred. And, ya know how you can google 'headache' and find out that you're actually dying of a disease from a third world country you've never been to? Hence my lack of knowledge on the topic, until my next appointment at least!

I'm not cynical enough to not follow, and/or believe in, my gut instincts so I'd like to believe that this pregnancy is going to go on just fine. I just didn't realize what a process a VBAC was!

Even though I'm doing everything I can on my end to ensure I'm as healthy as can be, and as prepared for the possible-vaginal delivery (even considering hiring a doula!) as I can be, a healthy, happy baby is job one. And, I'm uber thankful the midwives and I seem to be in complete agreement as far as letting my body do what it will.

But, I guess, if I end up with another c-section it'll be ok because the lady bits will remain intact ;-)


Mama Hen said...

My friend that is great that you are working out a few times a week and eating all the right things. You are doing a fantastic job! Your little one has a great mama and whatever way you give birth, your baby will come out smiling ear to ear becuase of such a great mom! have a great day!

Mama Hen

So Very Domestic said...

It's true, you're amazing! VBAC or ultra granola, a healthy wee person is the ultimate goal. :)