Tuesday, June 26, 2012

20 weeks!

Halfway there!!

BIG developments for me past few weeks! Besides the belly officially popping in my late 18th week, one morning I was getting in the shower and noticed some yellowish crusties on the nips, which I'm pretty positive were the beginnings of colostrum!!! I had the biggest wienie of a time getting my supply going with Jake his first month that I'd ADORE for it to go simply this time! I did end up meeting my goal of breastfeeding him for 13 months, but I'm all for anything being easier--I can be pretty lazy. I did read, from baby intel sites, that colostrum doesn't usually show up until toward the end, but actual women have been known to notice it much earlier. But, this coupled with boobie soreness (the only boob issues I had while pregnant with J was that, at first, my nips couldn't be in the shower water), I'm hoping thinking it may work out just swimmingly this time ;-)

Winna winna chicken dinna!

Please excuse the loose, dirty gaucho pants I hate to love. This was before I had changed into the skirt I was going to wear for the day :-)

<---20 weeks with Littlest
21 weeks with Jake------->
Overall, feeling so great and loving it! :-) This pregnancy hasn't felt much different than Jake's. Then, I felt fine, no complaints. Happy pregnant lady! But, this time? I feel good. Like, so good I forget I'm pregnant (which I still adore saying with the white-hot intensity of my entire uterus). I know I'm not carrying a sizable baby yet, but it's still worth mentioning that I feel notably light on my feet. I get minor back pain at night once in a blue moon, but nothing I'd complain about. I'm just really happy with how things are going :-) I feel strong and good and like I'm really absorbing how miraculous a time this is, as opposed to the surreality of my first-timer pregnancy with Jake. What has two thumbs and is a seriously happy people-maker? THIS GIRL.

How far along? 20 weeks

Weight Gain: No change since last appointment; still 1 lb gained....not complaining!

Maternity Clothes? Once in a while. I swim in most of my maternity clothes right now, but there are a couple outfits I have that don't make me look like a circus tent.

Stretch Marks? None new. (But, remember my advice about stretchies? GO GET ALBA! AMAZEBALLS!)

Sleep: Me and sleep are BFFs

Best moment of the week: Belly poppage! No more bloat! YAY for crossing one more thing off my quasi-early-pregnancy-awkwardness list!

Miss Anything? Sushi. RIGHT. NOW.

Movement? More and more everday! I actually got a full-on punch or kick one night that was so strong and obvious it surprised me! I'm able to feel our Littlest from the outside, too! Best feeling in the world :-)

Food Cravings? Peanut butter, Subway sandwiches, lobster, and the smell of garlic. I REALLY want to eventually satisfy that lobster craving. It's hardcore. Like, rip off my left arm and replace it with lobster so I can snack on the go. Fo Sho.

Food Aversions? Sweet potatoes and, occasionally, food in general

Sex: Trying to not find out this time either!! You guys know we're not finger-outers (we love hearing what we have when little baby becomes an outside human!), but it gets me all kid-on-Christmas-morning thinking I could just know...TOMORROW. 

Labor signs? Nope

Belly button, in or out? In

Wedding rings, on or off? On.

Looking forward to: This won't happen during the pregnancy, but I can't even say how much I look forward to the day I introduce Gary to his second child <3

Weekly Wisdom: Don't believe what they tell you; peeing 73 times a day is for the birds.

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So Very Domestic said...

Eeeeee! Your baby belly is so so so cute!!

So glad it's been a fun pregnancy! I love those!