Thursday, June 28, 2012

The day that kicked aces all over town.

So, the world knows we found out yesterday that our beautiful, growing baby is a little girl.

I just reread that sentences 7 times in complete awe of how amazingly blessed we are...

A baby girl.

The husband has dubbed me The Prophet; my gut instincts rarely, if ever, lead me astray. I don't let my mind get into things and eff it all up, knowwhatuhmean?

Before Gary deployed it was on my mind about finding out the sex of our wee human. I asked him, on two separate occasions, if he thought finding out the sex would help him feel more plugged into the pregnancy while he was away, since he's going to miss so much of the pregnancy and the birth. It wasn't something where I was trying to find a loophole to our not-finding-out plan so that we could give in; it was something genuine that I couldn't shake as what would end up being the right decision for us.

So, Wednesday was the morning of my 20 week ultrasound. I prayed (a lot!) and soul-searched about finding out the sex; not because it's some huge ordeal whether we found out or not. The end result of this pregnancy is absolutely perfect either way. But, because finding out Jake was a he when he was born was an amazing experience and I didn't want us to make an impulsive decision. And, I want to be everything to everyone so I don't want any family to give us crap (in a joking way I hope!) if we did decide to find out!

The ultrasound tech asks if we're finding out and I say that I'm not sure, and basically gave her all the background you guys just read. So, she says, "OK, how about I'll print out the sex-revealing picture and tape it and you guys can decide what to do?" Ummm, let me kiss you right on the mouth for how perfect you would end up making our day.

I drive home with the picture sitting on the passenger seat. Taunting me.

The plan was for Gary to call me when I'd be back from the appointment and we'd decide what to do. We made sure to remind each other that this was our decision. And, that very, very few people know what it's like to have your spouse miss out on your pregnancy. It's been harder than we realized to be apart during this time.

So, I said, "Well, it's sitting right here in front of me! Whatcha think?"

My stomach hit the floor when he said, "Let's do it!!"

She said they weren't allowed to write "girl" or "boy" on it. Hence the yoda-type reveal ;-)
And, for those who aren't sure how to look at this, the legs are open to the right, pacman-eating one of HER arms :-)

I whispered, "Oh my God"

Then, I yelled, "IT'S A GIRL!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!"

Such an unbelievable morale boost.

We sat in silence while we absorbed just how amazing this was. And, then we got all mushy and shit, but I doubt you guys are as interested in that part ;-)

We could not be happier that we did it. We didn't find out with J because Gary was here for that, but we found out now because he's away. I think both of those decisions were the best we could've made.

It's so weird because I feel even more plugged into the pregnancy now. Even though I KNEW our Littlest was a girl, confirming it was so, so amazing. And, to call her Baby Girl is incredible.

One of the best days ever.

We have a little girl xoxoxo

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So Very Domestic said...

I jumped out of my skin when you told me!! Eeeeee!! <3 <3 <3

It's such a sweet thing for you and Gary to share!